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New to Krishna Consciousness

I am extremely knew to this. The story is a bit long of how I came into an interest in Krishna Con...but here it goes. The funny thing is the first time I set a foot inside a Hare Krishna temple was for a final project assignment from my Religions of the World class I have been taking for a required credit towards my business degree. I had to pick a religion other than my own and attend a religious service of that particular religion. I picked Hinduism because I have always been interested in it and never really explored my curiosity. I suppose the religious studies class started the ball rolling after I read the chapter on Hinduism. I remember reading about ISKCON in my text book, and thought hum, I thought they just chanted Hare Krishna and handed out flowers from the 1960s. Obviously the Hare Krishna's are a real movement and the real deal in worshiping Krishna.
Here is a little bit of my religious past. I come from a rigid Christian background, a Christian Fundamentalist sect, where it totally discouraged any reading of any religious material outside of what the Organization provided or attending any other religious services other than their own. I was born and raised in that Church and left that Church over two years ago because it was not for me, yet I still considered myself Christian though I have not attended any other Churches but still felt a need for a spiritual connection, however, a Church did not fit what I was needing, if that makes any sense!

For my final, I attended Sunday Festival because it was open house and it looked like the Hare Krishna's were very welcoming to new people. I stayed from Kirtan all the way through the Feast. I participated in the chanting, singing, and dancing. I enjoyed the lecture, and the Feast was out of this world. I love Indian food too, so I felt very comfortable. Initially before I drove over to the Temple, I was a little nervous but as soon as the Kirtan started, I had so much fun, it was quite a surprise to me. I purchased the Bhagavad Gita as it Is from a devotee who was working the book table. He thought I was a regular because apparently I gave off a very laid back demeanor. This made me laugh because I never even been inside a Hare Krishna Temple, let alone practice in Krishna Consciousness. lol Anyway I am surprised at this intense interest to learn more about Krishna Consciousness. I want to learn Bhakti yoga and mantra meditation because the effects of Sunday Festival left my mind pleasantly calm for the first time in my entire life. I felt at peace. in accordance with my final I have to write a paper about Krishna Consciousness so I have been reading the Bhagavad Gita in addition to my general research. I have started chanting the Hare Krishna mantra at least once per day and I feel better afterward. I am a little scared at being so drawn to Krishna Consciousness because this is totally out of my norm but at the same time I fell at home with it. Most of all, I think my family would think I have gone off the deep end and gone hippy/new age on them. They would never understand that is for sure. Any help or advice in understanding this would be greatly appreciated.
Hare Krishna

It's hard to predict the

It's hard to predict the reaction of your family when they find out. Closeminded people are impervious to reason. Try talking with local devotees about your situation and pray to the Lord to help you.

All the best!
Hari Hari
ys Jan

Stay low profile

As you said your family will not understand, it is a good idea not to tell them about your interest in Krishna. Stay low profile and read and chant in private. Don't let them know you practice Krishna Consciousness. In my opinion, there is no harm in totally hiding it from them just as a man would hide a love affair outside marriage.

I come from Hindu background and my own religious background is this only, yet my family members oppose my practice.

In my opinion, best is not to tell. WHY do they need to know?

Best wishes.