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Prabhupada and diet

Can anyone push me in the direction of any articles that have Prabhupada talking about diet, especially what the body needs, how much should we consume etc

would really appreciate, only part of my life letting me down
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"Moderation is required"

Hare Krishna!

I’ve been reading The Path of Perfection and in Chap 4 “Moderation in Yoga” and he says “… moderation is required, and moderation in eating means that we eat only what is needed to kept body and soul together. If we eat more than we need or less, we will become diseased.” And then refers to Gita 6:16-6:17. He then continues: “It is not that we are to starve ourselves. The body must be kept fit for any practice; therefore eating is required …” Also, “We must utilize the material body in order to execute Krsna consciousness and to this end we should keep it fit and healthy, but we should not become too attached to it. That is called yukta-vairagya. The body should not be neglected. We should bathe regularly, eat regularly, and sleep regularly in order to keep mind and body healthy.” And “Our process is to eat krsna-prasadam and to satisfy the tongue in that way. But we should not be greedy and eat dozens of samosas, sweetballs, and rasagullas. No. We should eat and sleep just enough to keep the body fit, and no more.”

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Jane, just what i was looking for, thank you
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Srila Prabhupada didn't write much about diet. He usually mentioned BG 9.26 as types of ingredients to be offered to Krsna. Anything sattvic can be offered to Him - grains, milk products, vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey. Don't overdo it with white sugar though. Many spices are also used as medicines in ayurveda.

Everyone is individual as far as ayurvedic constitution, work, age, season, etc. goes. Specific information can be found in our cookbooks. E.g. Adiraja's cookbook has sample menus.

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thank you Jan Hare Krishna