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Query from the Krishna book

Hare Krishna ! Pranaams !

I had a few questions and would be very grateful if someone could answer it.

1- When Lord Krishna was born He came out of the womb of Devaki in a four hand Vishnu form instead of His original personal form. Can you please tell me why He came out in His Vishnu form ?

2- Balaram was in the womb of Devaki in His original spiritual form. Therefore when He transferred Himself from the womb of Devaki to the womb of Rohini then His entire spiritual body should have been transferred. This means there should be no material dead body in Devaki's womb. However in the Krishna book it is written that Devaki had a miscarriage. This means that a dead child was there in her womb. This means that Balaram transferred His soul from the body of this child to another that is the reason this child was born dead because there was no soul in it. If Balaram's body was spiritual and if He transferred His entire spiritual body to the womb of Rohini then the womb of Devaki should be empty because there should be no material body in her womb. Then how did she suffer from a miscarriage ?

3- Narada Muni tells Kamsa that in his previous birth he was the demon Kalanemi and was killed by Lord Vishnu. I heard that if a demon is killed by Lord Vishnu then he is merged into the brahmajyoti. However in Kalanemi's case he did not get liberation but had to take birth again as a demon called Kamsa. Why did Kalanemi not get liberation ?

4- Shrila Prabhupada said that all of Lord Krishna's associates were all nitya siddha who descended from Goloka. However when Lord Krishna was born He told Devaki that she and her husband had done great austerities of Lord Vishnu in the material world and instead of asking liberation they asked Him to be born as her child. This clearly proves that Devaki and her husband Vasudev did not descend from Goloka but they were in the material world before. Further Lord Krishna told Devaki that finally she would get liberation after her present birth. This proves that Devaki and Vasudev were sadhana siddha who were always in the material world. If such is the case then why did Shrila Prabhupada say that all the associates of Lord Krishna were His nitya siddha associates who descended from Goloka to join Him in His pastimes ?

5- Lord Krishna tells Parvati Mata the wife of Lord Shiva to enter the womb of Yashoda Mata. Then Lord Krishna tells Her that because she will be taking birth as His contemporary sister she will hence forth be worshiped by people for fulfilling their material desires. Here Lord Krishna is clearly saying that only after her birth from Yashoda Mata people will worship her. However Parvati mata has been worshiped since time immemorial even before Lord Krishna spoke these words. Then why did Lord Krishna say that only after she appears as His contemporary sister only then she will be worshipped ?


Thank you

Thank you for the wonderful replies dear devotees. After reading the replies I am feeling encouraged to ask more questions.

Few more queries from Krishna book

Dear Prabhuji, Hare Krishna !

1- When Lord Krishna kills a demon then they merge into His effulgence called brahmajyoti. I can understand this. However when the demon Aghasura was killed by Lord Krishna then he merged into the personal body of Lord Krishna. How can any demon or anyone merge into the personal body of Lord Krishna ? I find this very difficult to understand. I request someone to enlighten me on this.

2- In the Krishna book there is a mention that Garuda used to come to earth from Vaikuntha to eat snakes and fishes. Garuda is an eternal resident of Vaikuntha. In Vaikuntha everyone has a spiritual body which means that even Garuda has a spiritual body. Those who have a spiritual body don't need to maintain their body by eating material food like snake, fish etc. This is because in a spiritual body there is no flesh, blood, digestive system etc. Still it is surprising that Garuda came to earth to eat these creatures. In the spiritual world people eat spiritual food which is full of sat, chit and ananda. In case if the argument is that being a bird he had a habit of eating snakes but this habit is for those who have a material body. How can such a habit exist for someone who has a spiritual body ? Shrila Prabhupada had also said that all the wild animals in Vrindavan like tiger are very peaceful. This is because they have a spiritual body.

3- Garuda was clearly doing a sin by eating these creatures. Scriptures say that animals and birds don't get a reaction for their karma because they don't have the consciousness to understand what is good or bad. However Garuda is not in the category of these ordinary material birds and animals therefore he clearly knew what is good and bad. Still why did he kill creatures ?

4- A yogi cursed Garuda in such a way so that he would not kill the fishes in the Yamuna lake. The yogi did a very pious work by saving the fishes. Instead of being rewarded for doing such a pious work he was punished by falling down from his spiritual position. Can I please know why the yogi's curse was considered Vaishnav Apradha ?

Please forgive me for asking so many questions.


I'm away from my comp with

I'm away from my comp with Vedabase so just briefly and with hope that others will add more or correct me with quotes.

Killed asuras sometimes merge into Krsna's body. Acaryas comment that they later regain their former position, either in material or in spiritual bodies.

What is the exact quote about Garuda? Imho, acaryas explain it but I can't check their commentaries now.

Garuda as a nitya parsada (eternal associate of the Lord) certainly doesn't create any karma. If it appears so it's part of the lila. Otoh, those who try to oppose him - even acting on the basis of material dharma - create bad karma (which is also incorporated into the lila).

Asking questions is encouraged but please give exact quotes with references.

Hari Hari
ys Jan


Hare Krishna.

The effulgence coming out of Aghasura's body, which was entered into personally by Krsna, became purified. SB 10.12.38 states Aghasura attained atma-samyam - a body exactly resembling that of Narayana. So he attained sarupya-mukti. When killed by Krsna, he got a spiritual body and the light that was visible was the light from his spiritual body. His entering into the Lord's body was just a show as in the case of Sisupala and Dantavakra, says Vishvanatha Cakravarti Thakura.

Radhikesh das


Hare Krishna.

In SB 10.17.9, it is said jala-caram garudo bhaksyam - Aquatic creatures are Garuda's proper food. By the arrangement of the Lord, Garuda eats fish. It is not that he has to maintain his body by eating material food. But it is Krishna's arrangement he eats fish.

Garuda was not doing any sin by eating these creatures. He will be committing a sin if he does not follow the order of the Lord.

Just because the sage was interested in saving fishes he was not doing pious work. Arjuna wanted to do pious work by refusing to fight against adharma. It was Saubhari who committed an offense against Garuda by giving an order to him not to approach the lake, and also the offense of obstructing him from satisfying his desire. When our so-called compassion does not tally with the order of the Lord, it merely creates a disturbance. Saubhari's so-called compassion for the fish created a disaster and spelled doom for all the lake residents when Kaliya moved in because Garuda was prevented from entering there.

Radhikesh das

Jaya and Vijaya

Hare Krishna Mihir.

It is right that nobody falls down from Vaikuntha in general. But an insignificant number of jivas like us decide to leave Vaikuntha to play God in the material world. And the fall down is not permanent. If so we are wasting our time practicing bhakti, and Prabhupada would not have named his magazine as 'Back to Godhead' - we all can go back to Godhead.

As for Jaya and Vijaya, they were asked to leave the Vaikuntha world by Krishna on the pretext of a curse by the Kumaras so that the Lord can fulfill His desires to fight. So they became the demons and killed by Nrsimha, Rama and Krishna. When they were killed by Krishna, they were reinstated in their original position and not attain brahmajyoti.

Laghu Bhagavatamrta explains (and I think Prabhupada also explains in a purport in 7th canto) that Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu, Ravana and Kumbakarna & Sisupala and Dantavakra were Jaya and Vijaya once. By once I mean, in other kalpas, these demons also appear and are killed by the Lord but they are not always Jaya and Vijaya. In one kalpa, these demons were Jaya and Vijaya, and in all other kalpas they are not, but actually demons. These demons when killed by Krsna attain liberation and not when killed by Nrsimha or Rama. In the case of Jaya and Vijaya since they were cursed to take three births, they went back to their position only after being killed by Krsna.

Radhikesh das

Some answers

Hare Krishna Mihir.

In keeping with the mood/mode of worship by Devaki and Vasudeva, whose vatsalya rasa was mixed with awe and reverence, the Lord appeared as Vishnu in front of them.

When Balarama was transferred from Devaki to Rohini, Devaki "seemed" to have a miscarriage. People thought Kamsa must have done something to cause the "apparent" miscarriage. From an outsider perspective, one may think Devaki had a miscarriage and had a dead body inside and all that. But the miscarriage itself was only apparent and not real. Krishna was also "killed" by a hunter and left a body. This is all just to bewilder the atheists who have no access to the transcendental nature of the Lord.

It is not that a demon killed by Vishnu gets automatic liberation. Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu were killed by Varaha and Nrsimha. They did not get liberation, but were born as Ravana and Kumbhakarna. These were killed by Rama but they did not get liberation. The forms of Nrsimha, Rama and Krsna are called paravastha forms - the supreme forms among the forms of the Lord. But the demons killed by Nrsimha and Rama did not get liberation. It was only when killed by Krsna did Sisupala and Dantavakra get liberation. And it is not that these demons were always Jaya and Vijaya, who were cursed to take three births and so did not get liberation. In one of the instances of the eternal pastimes, they were Jaya and Vijaya, but not always.

Vasudeva and Devaki are nitya siddha devotees of the Lord. Their amshas Prsni and Sutapa underwent severe austerities to get Krsna as their son. Son when Krsna was about to appear, these forms merged into the forms of Vasudeva and Devaki.

I am not sure where you read Prabhupada wrote Krsna telling Parvati. Krsna informed yogamaya to appear in the world, and people would worship her to satisfy material desires.

Please provide exact references when you say Prabhupada said this or Krishna tells Parvati mata that and so on.

Radhikesh das


Dear Prabhuji, Hare Krishna ! Pranaams !

Thank you so much for your reply. Please forgive me if my questions have sounded like ones full doubt. I am chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra daily and I want to be very serious in my spiritual life therefore I thought that rather than keeping doubts within one's heart it is better to talk it out to a devotee.

1- Devaki and Vasudeva were in vatsalya rasa mixed with awe and reverence as you said. Is there any spiritual planet where this type of rasa is present. I thought that since Devaki and Vasudev were devotees of Lord Vishnu they got liberated to Vaikuntha and I think that in Vaikuntha everyone is only in awe and reverence and not in vatsalya mixed with awe and reverence.
2- You said that only all demons killed by Lord Krishna get liberation. Frankly speaking I thought that Ravan and Kumbhkaran did not get liberation because they had to appear again in the material world due to the curse. Are there any other demons also who did not get liberation after being killed by Lord Rama ?
3- I thought that there is never a fall down from Vaikuntha and incase if there is a fall down then it is permanent. However in case of Jaya and Vijaya the fall down was permanent because they fell from Vaikuntha and returned to Brahmajyoti after being killed by Lord Krishna ?
4- You said that ' In one of the instances of the eternal pastimes, they were Jaya and Vijaya, but not always.'. I thought that everyone has an eternal form in Vaikuntha so they should have always been Jaya and Vijaya. Can you please tell me what they were in other instances of the eternal pastimes ?
5- A nitya siddha is one who has never fallen to the material world and is always with the Lord. However incase of Prsni and Sutapa they had performed austerities in the material world. This means that they were nitya baddha and were performing sadha to become sadhana to become nitya siddha. Following is from Krishna book-
Although you saw Me personally, instead of asking
for your complete liberation from material bondage, under the influence
of My energy you asked Me to become your son.

Here the Lord tells Devaki that even after performing austerities she did not ask for liberation due to the Lord's internal potency. Only a nitya baddha needs to ask for liberation. Also a nitya siddha is always with the Lord in the spiritual world then why was she doing austerities in the material world. Won't this mean she was always in the material world ?

6- Following is from Krishna book

"Since you will appear as My contemporary sister, people within the
world will worship you with all kinds of valuable presentations:
incense, candles, flowers and offerings of sacrifice. You shall quickly
satisfy their desires for sense gratification. People who are after
materialistic affection will worship you under the different forms of
your expansions, which will be named Durga, Bhadrakali, Vijaya,
Vaisnavi, Kumuda, Candika, Krsna, Madhavi, Kanyaka, Maya, Narayani,
Isani, Sarada and Ambika."

Durga, Bhadrakali are the names of Parvati Mata(Mahamaya). Bhadrakali is the tantric form of Parvati Mata. This means that the Lord was telling Parvati Mata. Also I would like to provide more reference from Krishna book which is as follows-

Seeing the appearance of the child (who was actually the goddess
Durga), all the demigods from different planets like Siddhaloka,
Caranaloka, Gandharvaloka, Apsaraloka, Kinnaraloka and Uragaloka
presented her articles and began to offer their respective prayers. From
above, the goddess addressed Kamsa: "You rascal, how can you kill me?
The child who will kill you is already born before me somewhere within
this world. Don't be so cruel to your poor sister." After this
appearance, the goddess Durga became known by various names in various
parts of the world.

Also Yogamaya(Pournamasi) is only in the spiritual world and she does not fulfill material desires and only Mahamaya(Parvati Mata) is in the material world who fulfills material desires.

Please forgive me Prabhuji for sounding so much full of doubts.


See my explanation about ...

Jaya and Vijaya above. By mistake I hit add comments and not reply so it put my comments after your first post.

Radhikesh das