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Rama in the Hare Krishna Maha mantra --Please Help!

Hi , i'm from south india, i came in touch with iskcon 2 years ago. For the last 6 months i'm trying to practice krishna consciousness a little seriously. i have a big confusion sticking to my mind. When chanting hare rama in the hare krishna mantra ...lord ramachandra comes to my mind. but i do not want to divert my attention to the other forms of the lord. I want to refer rama as krishna (radhika ramana) but i am not able to do so. i'm feeling anxiety when chanting due to this. my chanting has worsened since this issue came to my mind. i also read prabhupad's purport that it does not matter if one refers to lord ramachandra or balarama when chanting hare rama because both are the same but still personally i want to refer rama as krishna (radhika ramana) as i dont want to divert my mind even to the other forms of the lord. being a south indian when i say rama naturally lord ramachandra comes to my mind as i have been observing from childhood but now i want to change this reference to the form of krishna. kindly help as i'm not able to chant properly because of this. what can i do now? kindly take some time and help me regarding this. i have a desire to serve the orginal form of the lord as krishna.

Lord Ramacandra

Hare Krishna.

When Lord Caitanya asked Murari gupta again and again to worship Krishna, Murari gupta agreed. He was a great devotee of Lord Ramacandra. But due to the influence of Mahaprabhu, he did not want to disrespect the Lord and so agreed to worship Krishna. But at night he was worried how he could give up service to his dear Lord Rama. He prayed that death would come to him because it was impossible for him to give up service to Lord Ramacandra. Lord Caitanya was very happy that Murari did not give up his fixed devotion to Lord Rama.

Now you want to get away from Lord Rama and think only of Krishna. Though this is ideal and philosophically sound (with Krishna being svayam bhagavan), I dont think you can artificially try for that. If Lord Rama comes naturally to you, then it is better you stick with that. There is no difference between the forms of the Lord and there is no difference between the service of the devotees of the Lord. The gopis are the highest in the devotional level, but Nanda or Yasoda would never dream of giving up their position to take care of helpless Krishna and become gopis. Nor would Hanuman or his another form Murari gupta ever give up service of Lord Rama, even though Krishna can be anything.

The goal of chanting is service awakening in our hearts so that we can chant even more perfectly to please the Lord in the way He likes to be pleased. Putting aside our personal preferences, it is better to chant with sincerity and Krishna or Rama will awaken in you what is best for you.

Radhikesh das

thanks for your reply prabhu

thanks for helping me out here.... i talked with other prabhu's. they also told me the same thing that i should hear the sound vibration very carefully. it has helped to a certain extent but still it would really be nice if my mind does not divert from krishna. i'll try my best to hear the sound vibration properly and hopefully this doubt will be cleared in due course of time. i personally feel that the foreign devotees who have taken up krishna consciousness seriously are very fortunate. As we are indians, right from childhood we have some misconceptions of the supreme lord so we first have to clear the misconceptions in our mind. but the foreign devotees have the expert guidance of srila prabhupad right from the beginning of their understanding and they accept whole heartedly what prabhupad says. i would say this is a very great blessing.