Reaction for offenses ?

I have a query from Jaiva Dharma and request someone to guide me with the same. Following is from Jaiva Dharma-

Babaji: The holy name fulfils the chanter's desires, whatever they are. However, to the offensive chanter the holy name will not give pure love for Lord Krsna (krsna-prema). Eventually the offensive chanter must taste the result of his offenses. However, a person who, although he commits offenses to the holy name, regularly chants the holy name will attain the result of his chanting. After some time his chanting will become a great transcendental pious deed. As that transcendental pious deed grows greater and greater, he will attain the association of saintly devotees who devotedly chant the holy name in a pure way. Thus by always chanting the holy name, the offender eventually becomes free of his offenses to the holy name. By following this path even impersonalists gradually become sincere devotees of Lord Hari.

Here it is clearly stated that chanting fulfills all the material desires of the chanter. However then it says that the chanter will have to take reaction. Can someone please tell me that why will the chanter have to take reaction later on ?

Since every material action brings reactions, even though it was a material blessing.

Hari Hari
ys Jan