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Really need a Solution


I have a serious question.

It is said that at Tirupati, every Hindu boy, irrespective of their caste are taught VEDAs at the VEDA patashala by performing Upanayana to the individual. Does this mean that all the castes are equal? Is any of our Hindu Sacred Books tell us the same?

Or is there any rule that only Brahmin Boys can learn VEDAs??

Can you please clarify me the above?

Also let me know, if its the case, then why does always the parents of Brahmins and Non Brahmins doesnt agree for this inter caste marriages?


Yoginder G

brahmanas in Tirupati

Said by whom? Never heard of that. Please contact ISKCON Tirupati for more info.

No, people fit into varnas as per their guna and karma (BG 4.13).

Traditionally only brahmanas could chant vaidika mantras but in Kali yuga there're hardly any qualified brahmanas. See quotes:

Marriages among people of clashing natures etc. will with a high probability fail. That's clear even to a somehow reasonable materialists.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Thanks for the reply

Thank You so much sir.

The link which you mentioned is really very informative.

Also can you clarify me this,

I have been seeing many of my friends and relatives who are disturbed thinking about their personal problems and about the problems at their home.

I believe that every one should have a peaceful mind without any tensions and worries so that they can lead a very peaceful life in whatever they do, which also yields fruitfulness to themselves and their families and there by to the society.

I would like to quote your valuable words to them if you can suggest your solution to one such problem.

One of my relative has been in love with a boy who is not a brahmin. She lost all hope that her parents will agree for their marriage.

Can we quote any thing for her from our mythology that their marriage is not wrong?? (a brahmin girl marrying a boy of another caste)

She respects her family so much and doesnt want to hurt her family by going against their decision, but as the family is a good believer of Lord Sri Krishna, I feel that she might be benefited with our forums valuable words.

I will have the satisfaction that I could help one person come out of at least one of their problems and lead a peaceful happy life.

Hoping for a positive reply.

Hari Hari.

You're welcome. Disturbed

You're welcome.

Disturbed life is a symptom of rajo guna. As one proceeds to sattva guna by changing one's lifestyle, food and adopting spiritual practices, disturbances will subside. See the Gita for details.

Dharmasastras don't recommend pratiloma marriages, i.e. a female from a higher varna marrying a male from a lower varna. E.g.: ViSNu SmRti 16.03: pratilomAsv Arya-vigarhitAH (pratilomas are condemned by Aryas, i.e. people following varNAzrama dharma) because Gautama 3.10.43 (28.45): zUdrAputravat pratilomAsu (children from such marriages are like zUdras). This way the varNa saGkara (BG 1.42, etc.) increases to create more disturbances. So this is a vicious circle. One can't desire peace and at the same time create disturbances.

One could object that in Kaliyuga this doesn't matter since varNAzrama is almost nonexistent. But this doesn't condone doing anything and everything, esp. when one knows what is right and wrong, just like a reasonable person wouldn't eat more spoiled food after already spoiling one's stomach.

Also, the word "mythology" should be avoided since it generally implies "imaginary", "fabulous", etc. To convince people that Vedic sastras are such mythology - and thus irrelevant to them - is the agenda of materialists.

To wish to help others is nice but one needs to become qualified to do so.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Few more doubts..


Thank you very much for your clarification.

Its true that people who are well qualified should give suggestions to others. That is the reason that I am posting in this forum so that i get good replies.

Sir, I have few more doubts in general and not specifically related to my previous mails.

You have mentioned in your first reply that, people fit into varnas as per their guna and karma (BG 4.13)and also that that in Kaliyuga varNAzrama is almost nonexistent

So this implies that People are classified into the varnas based on their guna and karma and its not a significance by birth. How far is this True?

I mean, there are few brahmanas born and brought up from a brahmana family, yet not very religious, doesnt perform yagnas and doesnt read vedas regularly as the earlier brahmanas did, though they have good opportunity.

Also, There are few people who are not brahmanas yet they are religious and reads all sacred books with holy heart but still not be allowed to read vedas and perform puja in the temples just because of their birth. (Here no one is following what it should be as per B.G)

This implies that in the preset day society, as you said, all the people are doing almost similar works. Bhagavat Gita says that all the people are equal before God and he has no discrimination but there still exists a lot of difference between castes and the caste system.

There are few people who want to get enlightened than being in ignorance due to their varna.

Valmiki, though initially a theif, not from the brahmana family, could write the most sacred Ramayana. Vyasa Maharshi, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, though not born in a brahmana family could write VEDAs, but now which is being read mostly by the brahmana varna.

Our puranas, (Sorry for using the word Mythology in my last post, i realised it now) cleary set example that irrespective of birth, their BHAKTI towards GOD can change any one and perform any activities which he wishes to.

I dont say that anyone can perform any activities as they like as you said, but can they be allowed to do so by obeying proper procedures and requirements with nishta(sacred heart).

So, if the person born in any varna, if wholeheartedly wishes to do all the practices mentioned above, thier birth should not be a criteria??

I am sorry if I am speaking something with ignorance, but i would like to know what puranas say. I am just asking these in order to clear my doubts and with shear eagerness towards our puranas.

Sir, But really thank you so much for your previous replies which has given me a great insight and I also wish you give a clear reply for this post.
I will keep you posted with many of my further queries regarding our puranas and various present day situations

Thank You So much in Anticipation,

Hari Hari,


What you say supports my

What you say supports my previous words. I've given a link with sastra references above.

> So, if the person born in any varna, if wholeheartedly wishes to do all the practices mentioned above, thier birth should not be a criteria??

Right, birth isn't a criteria for being situated in varna, what to speak of a qualification for bhakti. Bhakti is above all varnas.

It may seem like a contradiction to what I said about pratiloma marriages but that was a general answer referring to real varnas defined by guna and karma. As far as your relative and her boyfriend are concerned, I can't know about their guna and karma. How far they're compatible should be ascertained by jyotish.

> I will keep you posted with many of my further queries regarding our puranas and various present day situations

No problem but first kindly search this site, esp.
if it wasn't already answered. Another QA site to search for answers and ask is

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Thank You


I am really thankful for your replies with advices which cleared many of my doubts.

So are Guna and Karma compatibility should be checked by a Jyotish? I shall find about that.

I will keep you posted with few of my queries when ever i get some doubts.

Thank you so much once again.

Hari Hari


Yes, jyotish is the standard

Yes, jyotish is the standard check for partners before marriage.

You're welcome.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Varna System..


I have a small doubt.

How did our Varna System got transformed into the caste system gradually?

I heard that initially it was the guru who decided these varnas as per their merits based upon the tests conducted by him.

Now it is being decided directly by the birth.

Can you explain me this briefly??

Hari Hari


varnasrama > caste system

I haven't seen any final explanation with evidence. See this discussion (with my humble participation):

There're several ways how to ascertain one's varna:

Hari Hari
ys Jan