SB 1.11 - Seeing the Lord face to face

Praising Kṛṣṇa produces devotion. The citizens’ gifts were saturated with love, and they felt extraordinary happiness and love in seeing Him again. These emotions gave the Lord pleasure. The citizens said that Kṛṣṇa is worshiped by Brahmā, the four Sanas and Indra. He is the ultimate rest for those who aspire for the highest benefit of life. Being the transcendental Lord, time cannot influence Him. The Lord is the mother, well wisher, father, spiritual master and worshipable Deity. By following in His footsteps the citizens became successful and so asked the Lord to bless them with His mercy. The all-good Lord plans for the good of all living beings. By following His injunctions revealed in the scriptures, one can revive one’s forgotten relationship with the Lord.

It is the good luck of the citizens that they had the protection of the Lord, who rarely visits even the demigods. The citizens could look at His smiling face, which is full of affectionate glances. They could see his form full of all auspiciousness. By devotional service, one can see the Lord face to face, who is otherwise impossible to be seen even by the denizens of heavens. Even Brahmā and other demigods have to wait on the shore of the ocean milk to consult Lord Viṣṇu who lies in Śvetadvīpa. This ocean of milk and the Śvetadvīpa planet are the replica of Vaikuṇṭha within the universe. The demigods cannot see the Lord but can transmit their message to Viṣṇu. But the pure devotees like the residents of Dvārakā could easily see the Lord face to face.