SB 1.2 - Always aloof from His material energy

If one asks why we say that the Vedas only describe Kṛṣṇa, when they seem to describe the creation, maintenance and control of the universes, the answer is given in next in four texts (1.2.30-33). In the beginning of creation, Lord Vāsudeva created the energies of cause and effect by His internal energy. He is the creator of all those who are recommended for worship such as Pitṛs, Śiva and Brahmā. The Lord is always transcendental because His form, activities etc all existed before the material creation. And the energies required for creation were also created by Him. The qualities of the material world are qualitatively distinct from the spiritual qualities of the Lord.

After creating the material substance, the Lord expands Himself and enters into it. Although within the modes of nature and appears to be one of the created beings, the Lord is always fully enlightened in His transcendental position. The Lord entered into the jīvas covered with the guṇas, which are manifested by māyā. Even though appearing to be associating with the guṇas, He does not do so being strengthened by His spiritual potency. This expansion of the Lord is the Paramātmā feature, who accompanies the living entities to guide them in their material sojourn. While the living beings enjoy the material conditions, the Lord maintains His transcendental position. In the śruti it is said that there are two birds in one tree. One of them (the living being) is eating the fruit of the tree, while the other (the Lord) is witnessing the actions.

Always aloof from His material energy, Kṛṣṇa, as Viṣṇu, creates the universes thru His energies and expansions. Hearing that universes come from Viṣṇu’s pores makes it clear that Kṛṣṇa, who is the source of unlimited Viṣṇus, is extraordinary. But one who reads about the Vṛndāvana’s pastimes of Kṛṣṇa where He wrestles with His friends and dances with the girls, are sure to become bewildered if they lack knowledge and realization.

Jiva-bird and Lord-bird

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Thanks for the commentaries on BhAgvatam.

So can we say that the Lord, jiva and guNas make three concentric circles, jiva being the little tatstha shakti.

More beautiful than the concentric circles is the two Upanishadic birds on the tree.

If the jiva-bird gazes at the beautiful Lord-bird and sings to Him all the time, she will find no need to eat the fruit anymore.
Easier said than done of course , but, if she feels hungry (on EkAdashi), or sleepy, or lazy, she can simply gaze at and sing to sundar GhanashyAm and skip the "fruit" ... like the Goswamis "forgot" to eat and sleep. Out of reach as it may sound, the Goswamis' forgetting to eat and sleep is inspiring indeed ; fascinating , at the least.

They were truly exemplary birds on trees.

GovindA DAmodarA MAdhavA

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Hare Krishna