SB 1.5 - Nārada's advice

The universe is designated as Brahman because Brahman is the cause. The energies of the Lord are perfect and identical with Him. The external energy is inferior, whereas the internal potency is superior. The superior energy is living force, and she is identical but the external energy, being inert, is partially identical. But both the energies are neither equal to nor greater than the Lord, who is the generator of all energies. All living beings are products of the Lord’s internal energy. Thus they are identical to the Lord. But the living being is never equal to or superior to the Lord. Nor the creations of the humans equal to or superior to that of the Lord’s. The Lord and living beings are all individual persons. In a diseased condition only, the foolish being claims to be one with the Lord and thus becomes misled by the illusory energy. The misguided souls must accept the supremacy of the Lord and agree to render loving service to Him. For this, they have been created. Vyāsa is advised by Nārada to expand this idea in the Bhāgavatam. Nārada had shown only a small portion of bhakti and knowledge of the powers of the Lord who measures more than ten million times a hundred trillion.

Vyāsa is an empowered plenary incarnation of the Lord. He was born as a portion of the Supreme Person for the benefit of the world. Thus he knows the Supreme Lord well. He appeared on this earth for the well being of all people. All the Vedic literatures are put into systematic order for the benefit of the fallen souls, so that they can take advantage of them and be freed from the bondage of material existence. Vyāsa is the spiritual master of everyone, and as an ācārya he accepted Nārada as his guru. Nārada advised Vyāsa to describe the transcendental pastimes of the Lord more vividly (adhigaṇya-tām).