SB 1.6 - Freedom is the pivot in bhakti

Thus Nārada explained the confidential knowledge of his birth and activities to Vyāsadeva for Vyāsa’s personal satisfaction. Nārada had explained how the seeds of devotion were sown by transcendental association and how they gradually developed by hearing from the sages. The result was detachment from worldliness so much so that a small boy could receive the death news of his mother as the blessing of God. A sincere urge led him to have an interview with the Lord. Nārada’s execution of pure bhakti got rid of all karma, and he transformed his body into a spiritual one, which alone enables one to enter the kingdom of God. Hearing such an authority one can have some idea of the results of devotional life, which are hardly delineated even in the original Vedas. The knowledge is confidential because it is not understood by those who study Vedānta.

Nārada then left to wander at his free will vibrating on his vīṇā instrument. Every living being is anxious for full freedom because that is his transcendental nature. And this freedom is obtained only thru the service of the Lord. Nārada moves about without a motive. The system of devotional service is causeless. It may or may not develop in a particular person even after he undergoes all the detailed formulas. The association of the devotees is also causeless. One may be fortunate to have it, or one may not have it even after many endeavors. Thus, in all spheres of devotional service, freedom is the main pivot. Without freedom there is no execution of devotional service. The freedom surrendered to the Lord does not mean that the devotee becomes dependent in every respect. To surrender unto the Lord thru the medium of guru is to attain complete freedom of life.

Nārada muni glorifies the activities of the Personality of Godhead, and so doing takes pleasure and also enlivens all the distressed souls of the universe. What one feels as happiness within the universe is māyā’s illusion. No one can be happy within the material world. Nārada in order to enlighten the miserable inhabitants wanders everywhere to get them back home, back to Godhead. That is the mission of all genuine devotees of the Lord following the footsteps of that great sage. A little service to Kṛṣṇa pacifies the soul, then what can be said of the effect of describing his glories? One owes praise to the fortunate person who chants the Lord’s glories.