SB 1.6 - The liberated spaceman

By the mercy of Mahā Viṣṇu, Nārada can travel anywhere within the three worlds and also outside of them because he is fixed in unbroken devotional service of the Lord. Nārada can enter all planets in both the material and spiritual spheres without restriction, as much as the Lord is free to move personally in any part of His creation. Unlike Marīci and other sages with material bodies involved in karma yoga, and the Kumāras involved in jñāna, Nārada is above karma and jñāna. Those who are karma-yogīs do not go beyond the universe. Those who have attained Brahman do not go into the material universe out of fear of bondage of karma. But Nārada is a liberated spaceman, and the prime authority in devotional service. He travels singing the glories of the Lord, vibrating the instrument called vīṇā, which was gifted to him by Kṛṣṇa. The seven singing meters ṣa (ṣaḍja), ṛ (ṛṣabha), gā (gāndhāra), ma (madhyama), pa (pañcama), dha (dhaivata) and ni (niṣāda) are transcendental and specifically meant for transcendental songs. These seven notes are sometimes compared to the sounds of animals: sa – peacock; re- bull; ga – goat; ma – heron; pa – kokila (cuckoo); dha – horse; ni – elephant. Nārada fulfills his obligation to the Lord for His gift of the instrument, and thus always sings the Lord’s glories.