SB 1.6 - Nārada's attempt to see the lost form of the Lord

Nārada desired to see that form again but despite his attempts to concentrate his mind upon the heart with eagerness to view the form again, he could not see the Lord, and thus became aggrieved. There is no mechanical process to see the form of the Lord. It completely depends on the causeless mercy of the Lord. One should simply await the opportune moment and go on discharging his prescribed duty in devotional service of the Lord. Nārada thought that he could see the form of the Lord again by the same mechanical process which was successful in the first attempt, but he could not see the form again. The Lord is bound only by unalloyed devotion, and when He is pleased with our sincere attempt of devotional service, He may be seen out of His own accord.

Seeing Nārada’s attempts, the Personality of Godhead, spoke to him just to mitigate Nārada’s grief. In the Vedas it is said that the Lord is beyond the approach of mundane words and intelligence. And yet by His causeless mercy, one can have suitable senses to hear Him or speak to Him. The Lord was pleased with Nārada, and thus gave Nārada necessary strength to hear Him. It is not possible for others to perceive directly the touch of the Lord during the probationary stage of regulative devotional service. It was a special gift for Nārada. Because Nārada had bhakti arising from vaidhi-sādhana, he had realization of the sweetness of the Lord’s fragrance, beauty and speech in his present body. The complete experience with all other types of sweetness (touch, taste etc) would be experienced in the future in his spiritual body. A devotee in love with God feels always the pangs of separation and is therefore always enwrapped in transcendental ecstasy.