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Start a small temple?

I live in the emerald triangle in northern California, (Trinity County)

There is absolutely nothing in this region even remotely to do in the area other then the regular American things, drinking, eating,

I would be willing to help fund a temple in the area.
Its an amazing area and we are at the base of the Trinity Alps, its the place where California gets the advantage of the fresh water and would make an excellent organic alternative farm.

What I propose, I fund the temple in a small building and perhaps someone can move into the area and help start this.

Again, there is nothing in the town interesting at all but we have a huge young person population that wonders around unemployed and confused by the American consciousness.

I think the Krishnas would be very fun to have an alternative community for food sustainability and teach how to be a vegetarian and or yoga.

We do have a huge Buddhist temple but again, its empty and they eat meat!

I CAN PROVIDE MY OWN REFERENCES WITHIN THE ISKON ADMINISTRATION, as in im not some stranger as I am a "Friend of Krishna" for 20 years now.

I'd try to talk to e.g. our

I'd try to talk to e.g. our LA temple management ask about possibilities.

Hari Hari
ys Jan