He Has Appeared in this Beautiful Form

A four-part talk on the history of Krishna’s appearance, given in the actual place where Krishna appeared on Earth, Vrindavan, India, by Radhanath Swami. Recorded at Gokula Mahavan, the site of some of Krishna's earliest childhood pastimes.

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Part One: The Importance of Hearing Krishna's Pastimes

Considering our vulnerable position in material existence, Radhanath Swami explains some of the benefits of hearing about Krishna, as well as the dangers of remaining absorbed in prajalpa, or materialistic subjects.

He then introduces the dangerous condition of the Earth that prompted the demigods to pray for Krishna’s appearance.

Part Two: the Conditions Under Which Krishna Appears

Just as Balarama appears in the womb of Devaki before Krishna appears—to purify and prepare the atmosphere there—here's what has to happen in our own lives before Krishna will appear in our hearts:

“When we take shelter of Krishna in a spirit of devotion, fear the power of maya, and never let go of Krishna’s mercy, never let go of the association of devotees who are saving us at every moment, we become purified.”

We hear the interesting socio-political situation in Vrindavan that resulted in Nanda Maharaja becoming king, and the mystery of how Krishna originally came to Vrindavan.

Part Three: Krishna Appears

How Nanda Maharaj first received news of Krishna’s birth, how the residents of Vrindavan celebrated the occasion, and the arrival (and departure) of Putana, a shape-changing witch who had a plan to kill Krishna.

Part Four: "Just Like a Sweet, Helpless Little Baby"

The "nourishing milk of transcendental wisdom," regarding who is a guru and who is not.

Also, how Krishna dispatched Shakatasura, another shape-changing demon who took the form of a big cart full of pots and pans.