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How can a person control his/her senses?

Answer: (by Laxmimoni dasi):

This question is answered in the Bhagavad Gita and also in other shastras (scriptures). In the Bhagavad Gita, third chapter, it is stated that although we know what is right, we do the wrong thing.

Arjuna asks why, and Lord Krishna explains that it is lust - which burns like fire and is never satisfied - that causes us to act as if pushed by some unknown force. Lust comes from contact between the indriyas, or senses, and sense objects. We develop attachment or aversion and then the mind and intelligence become involved in satisfying that lust...and thus they also become contaminated.

Since the senses are where lust begins, it is advised that they be controlled and your question is, "how to do that?" First, it is advised that they be engaged in better activity. Like a child, if we want to keep him/her from doing mischief we can tell the child to sit still but that will not last long. We have to keep the child busy in positive engagement. So Lord Krishna advises that we put the senses to work, doing our prescribed duty, but offering the results to the Lord. Second, engage the senses in worship. Keep them pure by avoiding sinful acts and association. Dedicate your mind and body in the Lord's service; remain fully engaged in your work, which has to be done, and make the results of that work an offering.

Another helpful thing for controlling the senses is to keep good association. If we want to give up drinking, it's best not to associate with drunkards. If we want to study, then best to associate with serious students. If we want to become devotional and control the senses, then we must associate with persons who have similar desires and avoid persons that have similar weaknesses. Association will give us strength and encouragement, ultimately helping to keep us on the right track.

Other practical suggestions are to read and study shastra, eat sattvic foods, and maintain a schedule which encourages early to bed and waking early for yoga, and meditation on the Hare Krishna Mantra. In the evening people are looking for sense gratification - usually through passionate or ignorant acts - and thus the senses become agitated. If we rise early, then it is easier to engage the senses properly and control them for spiritual purposes.