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How can a wife keep her husband happy when he is spiritual and she is materialistic?

Hare Krishna! Thank you for your question. I’m not sure to whom this is being addressed - the wife or the husband - so I’ll do my best to answer from a neutral perspective.

The duties of the wife are such that she is to make the husband happy according to his desire. Cooking, keeping the house clean and orderly, the children happy, etc. are the duties of a good wife. If the husband is "spiritual" then he should have a place where he can set up his worship, and that place should be kept extra clean and quiet and should be honored by all members of the family, although they may be materialistic and therefore not participate in the worship.

All family members should respect that space, facilitate the articles needed for the worship, and whenever possible give time and silence when needed so the husband can do the needful. Also, the food prepared should be vegetarian and prepared in a sattvic way (without garlic and onions), so that it can be offered to the Lord. As long as there is proper respect on the part of the wife and there is no interference in the husband following religious practices, then there can still be peaceful life at home. It shouldn't be a problem. There are many examples of family members respecting different life styles and yet coexisting happily.

The husband should also be willing to spend time with the wife in comfortable - but not sinful - activities. That’s very important. Often when people take up spiritual life, they’re quite determined to be very fixed in avoiding anything that is "material," but everything can be spiritual if it’s used properly. Some things are just “neutral,” for example, shopping for food or clothing, which are needed to live. Also, some recreational activities can be chosen, like going for a walk, or swim, or talking at dinner, which will help to maintain a peaceful relationship and at the same time not interfere with one’s spiritual practice.

I hope this is helpful.
Laxmimoni dasi