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I find it hard to focus my mind. How is it possible to always think of Krishna?

by Laxmimoni dasi

There are several suggestions given even by the Lord Himself in Bhagavad-gita. We can see Him in the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, whenever we something beautiful, or glorious, we can always think of the greatness and artistry of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna!

Another way to fix the mind on Krishna's presence is to do whatever we do for Him. He tells us that whatever we do, offer or give in charity should be done as an offering to even our work, or caring for our family, should be done with Him and satisfying Him in mind. It is best to understand that Krishna is everywhere; often we think of Him only in the mandir (temple), but that is a narrow vision. Krishna is in everyone's heart and we can offer Him everything we do - as long as what we do is according to the instructions of Guru, Sastra and Sadhu. This is very important. We can't just offer Krishna any whimsical thing, but if we're sincerely trying to please Him by the way we work, by offering the fruits of our work, or by caring for our family, then that can be an offering to Him.

We can also see His hand throughout our life. Whatever comes, "good" or "bad," can be seen as His plan to bring us closer to Him. Often we just think something is "good" if it makes us feel satisfied, how our senses like it - "pizza is good, and bitter karela (bitter melon) is bad" - but actually sometimes the "bad" things that happen in our life teach us valuable lessons.

They say that when God likes you He gives you everything, and when He loves you He takes everything away. Why would He do that to His devotee? Because if we become too attached to material things, and look to material life for our happiness, then we often forget Him; and that's the worst thing. So, when He's looking out for us He makes sure that we don't become too convinced that money, beauty, material objects, etc. are the goals of life.

Still another way to remember Krishna is the most traditional...going to the Mandir and doing regular sadhana (regular spiritual practice), chanting His name with attention and a fixed mind, reading the shastra (revealed scriptures). These things will all help us to remember Him. Also, eating only sattvic (in the mode of goodness) foods that are offered to Him first...this is also very important.

These are just some ways to remember Krishna always.