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How can one achieve gravity? How can one achieve humility?

Our Answer:

"And satisfaction, simplicity, gravity, self-control and purification of one's existence are the austerities of the mind."

- Bhagavad-gita, 17.16

Hare Krishna! Thank for your question, or should I say questions, because within this small paragraph are many questions which contain within their answers the ultimate goal of life.

The real meaning of self-realization is, as you say, to understand that you're not a body but rather a soul. That is, a spiritual part of Krishna who has an independent existence and yet whose complete happiness and satisfaction depends on ones relationship with Krishna, the source of all spiritual and material energy.

Gravity is described in Krishna book :

"A person who does not express his mind to everyone, or whose mental activity and plan of action are very difficult to understand, is called grave."

Generally, we consider that one who is grave, or has gravity, is in control of their thoughts and emotions; their thoughts and emotions do not push or control him. Their decisions are made with careful thought. Things are held in place with control and consideration, rather than being rashly done by emotions. So, gravity in relation to the mind would mean controlling the mind and making decisions based on "self realization;" that is, considering the true spiritual nature of one's self, rather than just being motivated by the needs of the body.

Humility, or not desiring respect or adoration from others, is also sometimes described as being "selfless," rather than "thinking less of one's self." In other words, out of respect for others, I think of them and try to serve them for their good rather than for my own personal "fame."

The last question, "How to find satisfaction in the self alone?" is a life-long question which begins with chanting the Lord's name, following the order of His devotee and Himself in the scriptures, and working actively to please guru and Krishna without focusing on the needs of the mind and body.