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I'm diabetic - I have trouble controlling my blood sugar levels because of overeating. How can Krishna consciousness help me control my habits?

Through the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness we learn to control all our habits; eating is just one. The senses are like wild horses; if you don't "break" them, or tame them, they'll run wild and eventually you'll get hurt. In your case that's quite obvious. Overeating will cause great harm to your body and eventually severely limit your abilities.

The easiest way to control our senses is to engage them in Krishna's service. This is the foremost principle of bhakti-yoga. Somehow try to engage our restless senses in the service of Krishna! If you can get into the association of devotees and offer your time in service, or do something from your home, based on your abilities, you may be able to take on some work for the temple or for assisting the devotees somehow, that will keep you busy, keep your mind engaged, and then your senses will automatically come under control. This is important. Get good association with devotees as much as possible, study the shastra (scriptures) too. Perhaps, if you can, get into some type of Bhagavad-gita study group. However you can, engage your senses...especially the mind. Actually, your desire to eat comes from the mind, not the senses, so if you can get your mind engaged then you will think of other things besides eating.

I suggest you read Nectar of Instruction; if you haven't already read it, read especially the first 4 verses. When you try to apply them in your life, you'll begin to see how the senses are "pushing" us. When we're pushed, we're forced to go where we didn't intend to go. The result is that we're sorry in the end...but we feel forced. If we want to stop being pushed around by the senses then we have to take control and use them in the Lord's service.

I hope this is helpful.
Laxmimoni dasi