The Power of Krishna in Thunder Storms

The Power of Krishna in Thunder Storms

The Power of Krishna in Thunder Storms

Besides old growth trees and forests, clouds are my favorite display of Krishna's energy. I am referring to those huge white, fluffy cotton like clouds with contrasting shades of gray, and the deep blue sky. I believe they are called "cumulus" clouds, as if naming them means we can really understand the mystery of their beautiful existence.

Before I discovered the gorgeous glow of nature, architecture was my favorite thing to gaze and wonder at. In my late teens I came to prefer the beauty of God's creation. I spent days in towering redwood forests, verdant with lush growth. I breathed in not only the wind, but also the sun, moon, stars, blue sky, and clouds. Yet it would take years and a move to the East coast of America for me to discover my favorite part of natural phenomenon, thunder storms.

Before we moved to North Carolina we lived in a suburb of Baltimore called Catonsville, a few blocks from the Temple. During the hot humid summer, we would have regular storms which were exciting to experience, and welcome in bringing a cooling relief to the heat. When I caught the first clue that a storm was coming I would sit out on the deck and watch the gradual development.

Being rather dull myself, such storms would inspire and excite me with the power and majesty of Krishna. How mighty his energies are, and how esthetically he displays them.

First he announces the coming storm with the distant sound of thunder, then the approaching storm clouds with flashes of lightening. The skies begin to darken, and the wind arrives pushing the trees back and forth.

In a summer storm in Baltimore, when it has been hot and humid all day, the former bright day darkens, and the temperature drops refreshingly aided by the rushing wind.

The sound of the wind blowing through the trees is like the most powerful, yet relaxing symphony. I don't have the vocabulary to express how exhilarating a feeling it is. To me it is a reminder of how insignificant I am, and how great is the Lord of Creation.

And then the Master of all Mysticism, Suspense, and Esthetics, after wonderfully preparing the scene, brings what the plants, trees, animals, frogs, and me are waiting for-the rain, which comes down in torrential downpours in a deafening roar, bringing everything to a stop. Wow! I love watching such a powerful, drenching rain which can soak you in a few minutes, or flood the roads in twenty to thirty minutes.

Fortunately around here, this type of rain only lasts about ten or fifteen minutes. If it is more than that, which it can be sometimes, it can create havoc, and all our technology is useless to check it.

Still, I marvel at the beauty and power of the Lord's energy. Though my love for Krishna is covered and pervertedly displayed in fleshy illusions, at times like these storms, he gets my attention. He reminds me that he is in control, and that my controlling ability is puny.

I am always dependent on his mercy. Someday I will know this by realization and act accordingly. To be truly conscious of and love Krishna is the goal of my life. Only time is separating me. In the mean time I endeavor to remember him, and am glad to live amidst the beauty of nature, and to see him as the cause of all causes, and my dear most friend and well wisher. And boy his thunder showers are awesome!