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Helping Devotees Succeed

Props to Krishna Yo

Devotees prosper in the parlay of proper nurturing, we can all benefit eachother if we work together for mutual advancement.

I hope it becomes obvious as I help others sucseed, I too benefit... Just as if you help me sucseed so will you.

Ok Hare Krishna!

Betterment 4 All

Protect, promote, prosper people, and save environment without distinguish cast, creed and area.

Please help with Bhakti Yoga?

I am aspiring to become a devotee to God (Krishna) through devotion to Jesus Christ, but I'm just having some trouble starting out.

Do you recommend any certain chants, mantras, hymns, offerings, etc. that I could use to please God ? (For example, I was thinking of making my own personal Heart of Jesus devotion for the sake of meditation.)

Thank you so much. :)
Blessings in God's love.


Below are some links that might be of service to you. For more info you may contact me on




YouTube Channel:

Reality Check: success dialogues audio with Mahatma ACBSP:

1. Comfort Zone
2. Connecting With Your Dharma
3. Do I Need A Coach
4. Faultfinding
5. Limiting Beliefs
6. Mind
7. Possibility Thinking
8. Power Of Questions
9. Responsibility
10. Self Confidence
11. Self Discipline
12. Self Sabotage

Gita Coaching video at

1. Introduction to Gita Coaching
2. 10 Qualities of a Coach
3. The Importance of Goal Setting
4. Coach and Coachee Relationship
5. Power of Questions
6. Coaching Skills

Gita Coaching Course Audio and HDS Audio (Helping Devotees Succeed):

01 Music Intro
02 Gita Coaching Intro
03 What Is Coaching
04 Coaching Process
05 Attitudes Of A Coach
06 Qualities Of A Coach
07 Mango Story Coach's Commitment
08 Goal Setting
09 Client-Coach Relationship
10 Coaching Skills
11 GITA Coaching Model
12 Are You Ready For Coaching


Gita Coaching Video Zurich

Gita Coaching at Portal VVZ, in Croatian (audio lectures and courses)


Introduction to Gita Coaching

10 Qualities of a Life Coach

The Importance of Goal Setting

Coach and Coachee

Coaching Skills

Power of Questions


Forgiveness with Mahatma


Gita Kirtan Band Audio

Danda Music Audio

Danda Shape Up Audio

Danda Music Video

Gita Kirtan Band Video

Alachua Lectures Audio

UK Personal Success magazine article "I Am A Hare Krsna Coach" (pages 14 and 15)

Leadership inteview in Copenhagen

Mango story

ISKCON Manchester Sunday program folk bhajans Video

Possibility Thinking article

Believe Astrology or Not

Hare Krishna...

Once we believe Lord Krishna need not to follow any other Dharma why because he will take care of devotee. But a doubt about Astrology, when The Astrology is also created by God himself for our betterment, shall we belieave it or not.

Any mix of professional counselling and KC

Hare Krishna to everyone!
Please accept my humble obeisances!

I was looking for professional counselling where I can discuss my personal problems. While doing so I came across many Christian websites which claim to offer professional counselling service in light of the Bible.

I was wondering if similar facility is available for Krishna Consciousness where we can discuss our problems with a professional counselor who can also guide us in light of the scriptures.

Talking can solve many problems. I have talked to some devotees in the temple. although, they wanted to help but could not help much to a material situation as they were not well trained enough to do so. I mean they were not professional counselors.

Any such place in ISKCON ?

leaving wants is the way to get in to Deep Bhakti

Hare Krishna,
In this Materialistic life we have some wants like food, finance. If I don't have job for the long time, who will feed me. Shall I depend on Krishna by leaving my Job want.

Mood swing problem...

Dear Devotees,
Dandvat pranaam.
Jaya Srila Prabhupada !

What could be the possible problems of "Mood Swings", i.e. the mood of a person keeps swinging, even if a person is in Krishna consciousness.. ? Even though, all other things in life are going right, one devotee is experiencing this problem of "depression".

I humbly request the senior devotees to kindly help me to find some "solid" solution for this "mental" problem.

Thanking in anticipation,
Your insignificant servant,
Bhaktin Ashwini


This is my article from the Devotee Care Journal.

Subtitle: Spiritual life coaching for ISKCON devotees
Author: Akrura dasa, Gita Coaching, London UK

In this article I present my experience in attempting to care for devotees in ISKCON over the past ten years through spiritual coaching and guidance. I call it Gita Coaching as its purpose is to help devotees learn and apply the Bhagavad-gita As It Is in their lives. As I consider Bhagavad-gita the ultimate (holistic) success book, thus coaching based on it is also holistic, i.e., it covers all the key areas of devotees’ lives, with the aim of making spiritual advancement.

I started Gita Coaching around the time when I joined ISKCON London (Soho) as an executive secretary – in September 2001. While coaching devotees I constantly learned many principles and tools from professionals via live courses and the Internet. After two years of coaching and self-education I took three coach training courses from the Newcastle College in England and completed them successfully. I learned a lot about how to help clients succeed I am using it to help Krsna’s devotees succeed, based on the principle of yukta vairagya.

The purpose of Gita Coaching is helping devotees succeed in all areas of their lives. It is based on the Vedic aphorism sarve sukino bhavantu – let everyone become happy, and on the Bhagavad-gita verse from the Second Chapter which says that soul is amazing (Bg 2.29). Every devotee has much more potential that he is currently using. Gita Coaching helps to discover and engage that potential in Krsna’s service, for the greatest benefit of the devotee.

Helping devotees succeed is like a journey. You become curious what Krsna has in store for a devotee you are assisting. Krsna usually has both roses and thunderbolts for a devotee, and it is wonderful to see how these come about. It is also an honor to be with and assist someone while they are experiencing Krsna’s support in various ways as well as challenges, both internal and external.

Usually the obstacles devotees face are mainly internal: the way they see people and things, the way they see themselves, the way they are habituated to think and feel, and their desires. We help them overcome those by gaining clarity about what they want and the determination to pursue worthy goals. Once they start overcoming internal obstacles they are more capable of dealing with any external obstacles that come their way.

Helping devotees succeed also involves helping them see what happens to them and around them through the eyes of the scriptures, because the significant problems we face cannot be solved on the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. We need a fresh perspective, a new, uplifted consciousness.

We help devotees to build strong pillars for their success, like steady and serious chanting of japa every single day. For this we provide a Japa Excellence Tool, a simple one-sheet table to keep track of the daily progress (available upon request). What you measure tends to improve. Some devotees report to me about their japa for years, as it helps them improve their chanting. Another pillar is regular reading of scriptures or hearing classes, or both. Instead of listening to our mind, we can listen to something spiritually uplifting and enlivening, but in order to bring good results, it needs to become a daily habit of actively seeking new principles, stories and tools that will help us support our spiritual advancement and material sustenance.

Gita Coaching services provide support, guidance and sometimes challenge. Support is given by sincerely seeking to understand a devotee, a genuine interest in devotee’s life and a sincere desire for them to succeed in all areas. Devotee’s life becomes important to you. Guidance is provided by asking relevant questions and sometimes giving recommendations or directing a devotee where and how he can learn what he needs to learn in order to move forward. However, we encourage devotees to seek their own solutions and draw their own conclusions about what they want to do with their lives. We encourage taking full responsibility for one’s thinking and action. Challenge is offered only when a devotee has trust that a coach has his best interest at heart. Usually the challenge comes in a form of a question that helps discover devotee’s internal obstacles to progress or highlights the goals that devotee wants to achieve but is procrastinating.

In working with hundreds of devotees from many parts of the world, I have seen that the real effective change and a positive progress starts when a devotee stops blaming anyone, including Krsna, for his distress or lack of success, and takes full responsibility for his life: past, present and future. Success starts with clarity about what we want in life and what are our main roles (responsibilities and relationships) and with taking 108 percent responsibility for our behavior, our spiritual practice, our service and work, and especially our relationships. Taking responsibility is another great pillar for devotee’s success and I always look for an opportunity to encourage it.

As Bhagavad-gita is holistic, so is the Gita Coaching. It helps devotees become more effective in the areas of health, sadhana, service, relationships, etc. As all these areas influence each other, it is important to work on enhancing all of them, as far as possible. So we help devotees to look at their life as an indivisible whole and to see how various parts relate to and influence each other. For a peaceful and happy life, balance is an important factor, which is mentioned in the Sixth Chapter of the Bhagavad-gita.

In helping devotees succeed, Gita Coaching approach does not create dependency, rather it strives to help devotees to help themselves by becoming spiritually and mentally strong and physically healthy. Success happens on the field, when you are not with your coach. Your coach will provide powerful questions, principles, strategies and tools, but if you want to make progress you need to practice every day, you need to pay the price of success every single day. Accumulation of these sincere, regular efforts attracts Krsna’s attention and brings strength and momentum.

The most exciting part for me in helping devotees succeed is discovering their worth and potential, and discovering with them new possibilities, advantages, options and solutions. Gita Coaching process does not work on a devotee, but works for him and with him.

On a practical side, Gita Coaching is a weekly or a fortnightly, focused conversation (face-to-face or on the phone), that helps you clarify what you want, make an inspiring plan and take dynamic, intelligent action. It is focused on you and your needs, your goals, and your success. A coach will help you see and focus on what you can be rather than what you are.

We use this simple GITA coaching Model as a framework for coaching:

Goals – Instructions – Tests – Action

Goals: we ask you to choose an important area of your life you want to work on and write down goals you want to achieve in that area.
Instructions: we ask you to choose one goal you would like to work on right now and find spiritual instructions and, if needed, professional knowledge that will help you achieve it.
Tests: we ask you to write down what internal and external tests or obstacles you have to pass in order to achieve it.
Action: we ask you to write down a weekly action plan to start moving towards achieving your goal.

We also ask for accountability. Sometimes devotees ask to send me reports and be accountable for their goals and action, because it helps them focus and discipline themselves to work on what they have chosen as important. For a spiritual coach, being an accountability partner is an important part of being a success partner of the devotee.

Here are some of the good results and benefits you can get from Gita Coaching if you take the process seriously:
- Powerful ideas for your spiritual and professional success, leadership and management service, and preaching
- Better self discipline and sadhana
- Better Relationships
- Excellent time and life management and goal setting skills
- Taking responsibility for your constant motivation
- Overcoming internal and external obstacles to success
- Tapping into the power of intuition and a greater ability to listen to your conscience
- A sense of being connected to Krsna more strongly
- Strong connection with timeless success principles or natural laws
- Spiritual support and guidance
- Career ideas ... and much more!

Helping devotees succeed is a process, not an event. I call it a lifetime coaching for devotees (instead of ‘life coaching’). It is a developmental process of constant improvement in key areas of your life. Once you start it, you will not want to stop, as it brings satisfaction of knowing that Krsna is pleased when we make a conscious effort to constantly improve ourselves as devotees and humans, and then also help others do the same.

I wish you success in your sincere efforts and look forward to assisting you and serving you in some way.

Below are some links where you can learn more about Gita Coaching and helping devotees succeed and where you can get ideas and tools for your success. If you are interested in becoming a spiritual coach or using coaching for your own success please contact me on

YouTube Channel:
Success dialogues with Mahatma ACBSP:
Topics: Comfort Zone, Connecting With Your Dharma, Do I Need A Coach, Faultfinding, Limiting Beliefs, Mind, Possibility Thinking, Power Of Questions, Responsibility, Self Confidence, Self Discipline, Self Sabotage.
Gita Coaching Course video at
Coachee/client success stories:
Personal Success Magazine article on Gita Coaching (pages 14 and 15)

Applying Srimad Bhagavad Gita's techniques in the real world

Hare Krsna all,

I have recently started reading Lord Krishna's Bhagavad Gita on a regular basis. When I'm reading, I seem perfectly controlled and understand (to the best of my ability) all that I can do to improve my life and become more conscious regarding Lord Krishna. However, few hours later, my mind once again starts to behave the way it did before and do "wrong" things. By wrong activities, I mean doing things for sense gratification rather than doing all work for Lord Krishna such as watching TV etc. And I've been trying very hard lately with little to no success. I don't know what to do as in the modern world, we are surrounded by Maya all over the place and others also encourage us to seek enjoyment in these material activities. I've asked Lord Krishna to help me and I also seek your help for controlling my mind and how to do things only for Lord Krishna.

Thank You.
A devotee in need.