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Helping Devotees Succeed

ISKCON Baltimore

I've been interested in visiting a temple for quite some time. I'll be the first to admit I'm a rather shy person so I usually dislike going places alone anyhow, and I'm especially nervous about visiting a temple for lack of general knowledge about how a temple operates and proper etiquette and customs while there.
I believe that New Kulina Gram Dham (ISKCON Baltimore) is the closest to me though it's about an hour and a half drive away.
Does anyone here attend temple there or know anyone who does?
I'd be greatly appreciative of any and all advice.

Many Thanks!

I quit for Krishna.

I am hesitant to post this because I am afraid I will fail. But I feel that by making it known even to those I don't know, I will have more motivation to succeed. Yesterday was the first day in 5 years that I have not had a cigarette. Today so far, I have been able to restrain. It sounds so silly even to me that I feel this is even a big deal or hard to overcome.
I just felt I needed to put it out there.
I've tried so many times to quit, always thinking, well, tomorrow I'll just have one less...but when the day comes that I should only have 2 or 3, the work day seems so long, or my hands are just idle...or, i forget! how convenient! So my husband and I decided that the only way to get this done is to just do it.
I just keep telling myself when I feel the urge or the :boredom: or idle hands that I don't need the cigarette, I need Krishna.
Has anyone else had a similar experience with quitting anything in order to live by the regulative principles?
Hare Krishna!
-Amanda Josephine

Functioning in Krishna's Realm

My husband and I are of sufficient intellect, but we have certain handicaps. He has severe attention deficit disorder and I have bipolar II disorder with premenstrual dysmporhic disorder. My husband is gifted (135) and I am talented (high average-123). He is a cook and I am a clerk. We are high functioning. We have a lot of "book smarts" but not a lot of common sense.

We live in a small, chaotic house with a quirky family. We have my daughter from a previous marriage who is a mild manic depressive with mild adhd. She is a lot more high functioning--pretty much full functioning. She lives with us but is indepdendent. We also have a 7 year old son who is also neuroatypical, but who is high average as well with excellent spatial, mechanical and artistic skills (what, about 110-120 somewhere in there). My daughter has a lot of trauma. I have trauma and shame. My son is highly resilient and apart from the hyperactivity is normal and non malicious in his activity. His hyperactivity is the only drawback. It is hard for him to get to sleep at a reasonable hour at night.

But the house is chaotic. I get depressed and don't want to neaten it, so it gets cluttery. The daughter was made to do a lot of housekeeping as a child by her father and step mother so she doesn't like cleaning. The house is not dirty, but cluttery. We all get so stressed over the days that we get tired very easily. With the exception of my son, we all come home exhausted and tired. and we collapse.

Our financial literacy is almost null. My husband is a severe miser. He grew up in a family that was in survival mode all of the time and he operates from that wounded past. I grew up in a family that is performance oriented, so I live in that wounded past as well.

In the ways of personal cleanliness, we pretty much excel. I see no problems there. We all enjoy hot baths or showers and my daughter is a beauty and she always looks her best.

DIET is where I see the problem. Firstly, the household is diverse. Cathleen is a Jehovah's Witness. Allen is a Unitarian. I am the only one who has the "Krishna" bug. But anyway, diet is a major factor. Due to the lack of financial literacy, we pretty much live by the seat of our pants. If Allen gets a turkey given to him from work, that plus whatever canned goods there are is supper for a week, you know.

Living in the Bible Belt and also having manic depression/learning disabilities means that my behavior is constantly being monitored. This means that when I don't eat meat, people start wondering why. As well, there are certain constants of stability of which are blood sugar regulation, so the protein is a way of keeping the blood pressure constant.

As a person who grew up Christian, it is difficult to have shrines because it feels idolatrous. So, for the time being, I try to just eat as little meat or eggs as possible and try to listen to the Gita every day. I have listened to the Gita four to five days a week for two years and drastic changes have taken place but difficulties still lurk. Where I work, there is a community of gossip mongers. In the Christian community, there is a scripture that says "Shame is ever before me." Yet, in the Gita it says "Even the worst sinner crosses over the ocean of miseries....when they come upon enlightenment.

Any tips are welcome.

Eating food without offering it to Krishna

I am living in US and I'm a new devotee. With a non-vegetarian family and no altar or prayer room in my house, I couldn't prepare food for the Lord eventhough I prepare pure vegetarian food without onion and garlic. Every time I eat, I feel so bad and guilty because I'm eating food without offering to Krishna. Is there anything I can do before eating without serving the Lord? Is there any other way like reciting a mantra or something?

I need help. Please reply ASAP.

help me find my way

Hare Krishna
I was introduced to K.C about 3 months ago through HIS DIVINE GRACE SRILA PRABHUPADA'S books. His explanations made so much sense to all that i was currently going through. Questions concerning material frustrations, why i'm here etc.
My biggest problem though is doubt in the Supreme. I want to practice bhakti yoga so badly, but i stumble. A few days i believe in Him, then i here critisism from a christian point of view and i'm confused all over again, i question is He real? Am i hoping too much? ;(, i end up getting sooo upset, i feel like i'm letting Lord Krishna down, i have no idea how to deal with this;( How to i revive my relationship with God when my mind is so unstable and takes in any negative comments about HIm.

Please help me get through this


help me find my way

Hare Krishna

I was introduced to K.C about 3 months ago through HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C BHAKTIVEDANTA'S books. I've learnt so much, BUT i have a big problem: Faith in the Supreme;( Being a born Hindu, I'd heard alot about Lord Krishna, but I'd never read the Bhagavad Gita, or known that there was a way to revive our relationship with him. I didn't know much about the science of the soul, and so i learned alot this passed few months, but like Srila Prabhupadha says, we can't know God just by studying Him. My Faith is very weak though, I feel as if I'm progressing towards Krishna one day and then the next day I here some critic from a Christian back ground and i question, is Krishna real? ;( I get so upset, i feel as if I'm letting Lord Krishna down.

How do I overcome this?

Any suggesions? Thanks in advance

what does Kunja beehari mean?

I heard it in a Krishna song, is it one of the Lord's names?

will the lord mind if i just prayed in English?

is it important that we add sanskrit prayers?

ISKCON principles

No gambling
No meat eating
No illicit sex
No intoxicants

I want to get clarification on something, the first 3 of the above principles i understand.
No intoxicants- is where my problem lies. I've been an avid tea drinker for a long time and have only just learnt that it can actually hinder my spiritual advancement. According to ISKCON principles we aren't suppose to have tea/coffee because of caffeine, does that mean i can have rooibos tea?


New to Krishna, a few questions

Hello all, I'm very new to the person Krishna and the faith, however I am very interested to learn as much as possible and feel a very strong attraction to the story and worship of Krishna.. I just find it all quite overwhelming and I'm not to sure where to start, could you please recommend book? Websites? Apps? Music? Meditation? Song? As much as you can and the best place to start :)

Thank you so much I hope for a reply