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Helping Devotees Succeed

How to Help Lazy Devotees

Namaste to all,
I like to hear your suggestions. How can we help lazy neophyte devotees advance a little or abandon their laziness? Chanting japa is the easiest way for self-realization. Still there are many neophytes who can't maintain a few rounds daily. Lack of time is the common excuse.

And during Sundays, the same people would come to the temple once every month or two. Too tired after a week of work to attend Sunday worship. And they say they believe in Lord Krishna and Srila Prabhupada.

How can we help them?



I am new to KC and i don't know how to put a tilak. I went to an Indian shop in my area and asked for a Gopi Chandan. The shopkeeper showed me namakatti. I don't really know what it is and whether it could be used to apply tilak. I can't find a Gopi Chandan at my place here. If namakatti can't be used to apply tilak, what else can be a Gopi Chandan substitute?

I have heard about water tilak. But, I would be really happy to apply a visible-to-our-eyes tilak.

Hare Krishna!

Rama in the Hare Krishna Maha mantra --Please Help!

Hi , i'm from south india, i came in touch with iskcon 2 years ago. For the last 6 months i'm trying to practice krishna consciousness a little seriously. i have a big confusion sticking to my mind. When chanting hare rama in the hare krishna mantra ...lord ramachandra comes to my mind. but i do not want to divert my attention to the other forms of the lord. I want to refer rama as krishna (radhika ramana) but i am not able to do so. i'm feeling anxiety when chanting due to this. my chanting has worsened since this issue came to my mind. i also read prabhupad's purport that it does not matter if one refers to lord ramachandra or balarama when chanting hare rama because both are the same but still personally i want to refer rama as krishna (radhika ramana) as i dont want to divert my mind even to the other forms of the lord. being a south indian when i say rama naturally lord ramachandra comes to my mind as i have been observing from childhood but now i want to change this reference to the form of krishna. kindly help as i'm not able to chant properly because of this. what can i do now? kindly take some time and help me regarding this. i have a desire to serve the orginal form of the lord as krishna.

devotee troubling me... please help!

Hare krishna, i'm in the iskcon movement. Though i am not a full time devotee, i regularly visit the temple. i recently noticed that one full time devotee in the temple is very partial towards me and i also observed that he is not behaving and speaking properly to the other devotees also properly. for example he chastizes us unwantedly. I was doing some service one day. he came and saw it and mentioned that even a low class person can do the service better than me. it was hurting. He could have told it in a polite way that the work is not upto the standard but he did not do so. Some times he holds up my friends until late in the night in the name of a meeting. how will we be able to get up for mangal arthi if he does this? we are also not in a position to question him. This is not the first occasion. even my other devotee friends of my same group have the same problem with him. he is supposed to be my senior devotee. if we have any problems we are supposed to report it to him but i dont feel like discussing my problem with him. he never smiles naturally and it is always artificial and diplomatic when he does so. he does not even properly attend all the parts of the morning sadhana program properly. the real problem here is it is disturbing my mind very much and i am always scolding that devotee within my mind and as a result of which my consciousness is getting affected. what should i do now? please dont advise me to go and again patch up with him and talk to him about how he is behaving. that is impossible as i will get into more trouble. i want prabhupad's movement to flourish and all my other devotee friends in my group to be happy but he is certainly not helping. How can i remain unaffected and practice kc peacefully?

Is it an offense?

Hare Krsna dear Devotees, accept my humble obeisances!

When chanting the Name, one is to be very attentive, but how about listening to a kirtan or similar glorification of Krsna. I mean when not being in one, but having just an audio, is it okay to leave it in the background without concentrating on it? I believe that's not the the case, but a doubt came, so in order to get rid of it, I just want to make sure Krsna won't be offended, I'd like to hear the answer from someone who knows for sure. This sounds like a silly question for me though.

Little hesitant to worship chaitanya mahaprabhu...please help!

hare krishna,

I have a little difficulty worshipping chaitanya mahaprabhu. I want to serve the lord in his form as krishna and mother radharani. I feel that if we worship chaitanya mahaprabhu we may go to Gaura Dham in the spiritual world rather than go to goloka vrindavan. Though chaitanya mahaprabhu is both radha and krishna combined i still want to worship krishna in his original form. Can i pray to chaitanya mahaprabhu to attain radha and krishna. i wonder how the gosvamis of vrindavan were attached both to chaitanya mahaprabhu and radha krishna. what was their destination in the spiritual world?. where did they go? Please help me clear this doubt

Local Krishna Bhakti Groups

How can we help each other find more local devotees throughout the world?
Please email

Dear Vaishnava Prabhus,

Hare Krishna


Let me begin by thanking for all the wonderful service that you already do to provide opportunities for devotees to associate with one another, such as web cams, blogs, lists of temples, lists of events, to name a few.

I am finding it difficult to find more groups of Iskcon and Iskcon friendly devotees to associate with as I travel from my home in Slidell, LA to the preaching center I am building in Fairfield, IA. Two years ago I found a group of very nice Vaishnavas in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with the help of your directory, but not I am feeling frustrated. I've tried more than once to add my center in Fairfield as well as my home in Slidell to your list, but have not heard from you, nor seen it listed.

I am not on a high standard of devotional service, which is all the more reason why I need the association of others who are interested in associating with Krishna through Prabhupada's books and those who are favorable to Iskcon. Is there anything I can do to help motivate or assist you in compiling a list of devotees around the USA and the world. There are all kinds of devotees who want to chant Hare Krishna and cultivate devotional service following in the footsteps of the Vaishnava devotees, but finding a list is very difficult.

I would like, for example, to visit with devotees in Memphis, TN, which is on my route to Fairfield, IA. Can we send emails out to request everyone who wants to meet other devotees to add their names and contact information? What do you suggest.

I beg to remain the servant of Krishna's servants.

Das 'Osmi,

Madhavadasa Das

Totally fed up with my parents

I am totally fed up with my parents opposing my KC. Unfortunately, my parents and sister even said bad things occasionally which is close to blasphemy. I cannot move out because i have no money,

I have tried my best to reason with them , to see if they have any concerns which i can address but that did not accomplish much.

I don't know what to do.

Much Needed Support!

I need some support PLEASE SOMEBODY!!!! I want to attain Self-realization and I need God's help, of course, but I also need help from brothers and sisters. I would really like somebody to chat with through facebook or some sort of instant messaging, because I want to make this work, but I feel really lonely. I just don't know if I can do this without the help and support of other brothers and sisters. Please somebody help me with this!!!!!

Glory To Krishna

I just want to glorify Krishna and bring new interest to this forum. It's been some time since the forum has been visited with a new topic. I feel that the best way to grow as a devotee is to chant Mahamantra daily and try to participate with other devotees, who need encouragement. Those are dear to Krishna who share him and converse with others about Him.

The Mahamantra is the easiest form of devotion and the most effective worship. We need to stay on track with Lord Krishna and be sincere before Him. He alone has given us grace for grace. We should bow down before him and call on him to be our solace and our deliverer from the ocean of miseries. This can be difficult when we are looking at circumstances, but faithful devotion to him reaps his gentle grace.

Krishna is God, it's that simple and if we call on him for salvation and blessing, he answers us. But we have to call on him, we have to glorify him, as according to the scriptures. In Kali Yuga, Mahamantra is the single most effective way to connect with the lord and remain in his grace. He is all forgiving, all patient and all understanding; and if we fully rely on him, his will is done for us and his grace abounds to free us spiritual degradation.

Chant the glorious name of Krishna and call on him for deliverance from sin. He shows us what is right and forgives us for all our sin. He helps us to grow in him as we glorify him and gives us his grace where we are weak. Chant like this:

hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare