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criminals in vrindavan

Hari bol,my pranam to you all,
I have lived in Vrindavan for 12 years now with my husband who is a local brijwasi. We have a daughter, named Radha, who is 10 years old. I actually really love Vrindavan, from the first time I came here, I didn't want to leave anymore. I owned 3 flats in the building Ananda Krishna Van, Madhuvan Colony in Raman Reti, where I lived. The manager of this building Mr. Rajkumar Agarwal and his sons Goverdhan etc. take too much of charge for electricity , which is done illegally.The meter is going too fast. This is also the reason why almost no devotees are staying in this building anymore. Everybody was pressured over time to sell their flats back to Agarwal for a lower prize.
One night, on 9th August 2013, as my husband argued with the manager over the electricity bill, my husband was attacked and always killed by 20 criminals with iron rods, which were sent by the manager of this building. His leg was broken by this criminals in 4 places. My husband couldn't move for 6 months afterward. The manager of this building has very good connections to police men and bribed them to register a wrong criminal case against my husband, which is absolutely absurd. There is no proof for this case at all but it was nonetheless registered by these monster police men. I was scared for my life in this night. I was so scared that I would be beaten or something else by this people, as the police was treating me very disrespectfully, and I was absolutely helpless! There was absolutely nothing I could do for my husband, although I called for police myself, but they didn't want to talk to me. I thought I as a foreigner would have some power to register an FIR against these people, so I went to the SSP in Mathura. Than I left India with my daughter, because I was absolutely terrified. I was in shock. My husband stayed in Delhi.
What happened after is but actually the terrible thing. My husband couldn't do much after because the manager of this building had the police on his side, who registered a wrong case against my husband and the District Judge, can you believe it , is a relative of Rajkumar Agarwal . My husband was actually wanted for something he didn't do,but couldn't do anything to defend himself although he was the one with the injury.If he would have gone back to Vrindavan he would have been arrested and probably be killed in custody by these policemen. The F|IR I registered was just closed by the police on the ground that I am not there anymore. No investigation everything fake! LIES, lies and more lies against us by this scoundrel of a human being who really wants to destroy us. This is absolutely a disgusting situation against a person which we can do absolutely nothing against! We had so many lawyers, but they were not able to do anything because we waited too long, 6 months, and this was the time where he put more and more wrong on us!The point of this story is that I and my husband are not living in Vrindavan anymore for 1 year now. This man of Ananda Krishna Van absolutely destroyed my existence there and also mentally I am not well, because this was just too much for my nervous system. What can somebody do against persons like these bastards who don't care about anything and don't have any consciousness when it comes to hurting and damaging others. I know this is maybe not the kind of topic you would want posted here, but it is a real big problem I am facing. I have prayed to the Lord that I will get through this and that he may preserve me and my family so that the dark workings of this man and his family can be exposed and I think the devotees should know about what happened in Vrindavan.Please if anybody has any advice or help they can offer me in this regard I would be very grateful.
Your Vrinda

Please, help our dream come true

Hare Krishna!

Please, accept my humble obeisances. Recently I have made with my husband a little project for the pleasure of Sri Krishna and all His devotees, first bhakti board game, "Catch Krishna in Vrindavan". It would mean a world for me, if you could take a look at this project and support us in anyway. We do not have an easy life and recently we have no other job to survive. But we have strong faith that Krishna will help us in making this dream come true:

I am sorry if I have offended anybody with my message.

Seeking Healing from Krishna's blessing and prayer

I am a 38 year old male person living in gurgaon near Delhi in India. i was paralyzed by an immune disorder in 2010 and at 5 years have been horrible as if i was living in HELL,
i lost my job, and faced tremendous health challenges of URINE, STOOL INCONTINENCE and i am nt able to walk without support, i had taken a lot of Dr advice and though my further damage to health stopped, but i am still not able to walk properly without support affecting my ability to work, affecting my ability to allow my wife to conceive through em as i remain paralyzed below waist.
i came across some testimonials where people receive blessings and healing through god. through Krishna.
Ia m seeking help through this forum, please help,

Is devi dasi the same as temple prostitutes devidasi?

I read where Prabhupada said unmarried women were like prostitutes, and as Devidasi are known as temple prostitutes in India, so did he expect unmarried Iskcon women to do that?