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Ask Sri Abby-ji

I humbly ask these questions. I understand that emotion often destroys logic, so please forgive me.

[View] People have told me that chanting "Hare Krishna" is good for helping clear the mind. It DOES WORK against road rage. I've tried it and I calm down pretty quickly.

My question is about changing behaviors. I have two friends with OCD. One takes meds and the other does not. BTW, both of them are very well behaved morally, let me say that. Their behaviors ARE NOT anything like sex or drinking. We are speaking of smaller, everyday behaviors. One is nosey and the other one gets mad at his aunt a lot. How can these people be so ingrained in their behaviors not to know enough that their behaviors are wrong? I'm not judging, I am just asking.

The first person, Julia, cannot communicate with me unless I conform to her ways and perspective. I have to approach her fully Christian. She cannot understand my tolerance of Muslims or how I know about history and because I was in a weak spot when she met me, she treats me like I am a child, even though I am more educated and more cultured than she. She dictates a lot. I cannot tell her that I am a Hare Krishna or she would say that I am going to hell. The second person appears not to be able to function in the world without being educated on life skills. So, educating people with mercy and love is out first calling?

So far, for me, the Gita has helped me to reform myself to a degree of about 70-75% in regards to self control. Some behaviors, though remain ingrained. I am more aware then they are, but sometimes, the Gita's influence stops and the mind keeps going. Like Arjun said, the mind is so wild that it is like taming the wind. Most of the negative behaviors on my part are controlled. I have listened to the Gita for a year now, but sometimes, the feelings remain and I give in to some of the smaller, petty behaviors which are foolish and stupid.

I recognize the ignorance but I still fall into it.

And, with people like myself and my friends, the world has divided itself into an "us" against "them" mentality. It is easy to understand my friends Julia and Chance, although it did take me a year to understand Julia a bit. Our minds are wired so differently. She is highly detailed and what I consider to be nosey, and she considers me to be too private and morose and I forget details. I'm the one who is "always morose" in the Gita-I'm kind of like that at times.

My empathic gift has grown since listening to the Gita, but because of the "us" against "them" perspective of the world and fearing getting hurt, I still see "otherness"-Understand that where I am, I have NO SUPPORT. NO SUPPORT FOR ISKON TYPE WORSHIP OF GOD.

How do we deal with someone else's ignorance?

How do we change behaviors that are ingrained into our psyche? I suppose that this might be a life long work, but I am asking if there is a tougher program to follow that can really help with this. I am not western in terms of materialism, but I am western in terms of sometimes being overhwhelmed by emotion.

With the world being so hostile, how do we see everyone with equanimity?

How do we apply compassion for each individual and apply it to a wider spectrum of people while still protecting ourselves against the cruelties of others?

meaning of hare rama hare krishna mantra and some questions

hi people,

I just joined this group.
a question is pestering me since some days.
1) what is the meaning of hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare , hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
2) why do we use rama rama ,when we are praying krishna
3)i know lord rama and lord krishna both are incarnation of lord vishnu, from the movies and books i am much attached to lord rama,now suddenly i am moving towards krishna, but i have a fear that will rama punish me, if i stop chanting rama name and chant krishna name?

it may look like some stupid questions but i want answers for these.
Please help.

I am 22 year old right now ,just starting business ! My family is right now financially weak ! How shall i pray to KRISHNA ?

I am 22 year old right now ,just starting business ! My family is right now financially weak ! How shall i pray to KRISHNA so that HE can help me in setting up my business and bestow HIS blessings on me and my family.


in the vedic culture the day starts at sunrise

sometimes ekadasi starts after sunrise so is impure (this is my faulty understanding here)

so on those occaisons we start te fast the next day at sunrise.

How is the actual start time for Ekadasi measured, is it the moonrise?


Picking the right job

hello everyone, Jai Shri Krishna

What are some possible (spiritually approved) jobs that I and many others can perform that is fulfilling? The reason that I am asking is because I used to work in the restaurant business and after learning about the sins of selling meats, my options of employment have become very limited (I've never eaten meat though). The reason they are limited is because I have lets just say "legal problems". So, I have been thinking about going back home to India and becoming a doctor, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to adjust to the country as I grew up here in the States. Is becoming a doctor a proper job for a devotee? Any other help is very appreciated.


Milk + Babies = confused

Hare Krishna,

My partner and I have been blessed with a child, she is 20 weeks pregnant and we are planning for the best options for raising and feeding the child.
She has a 'superficial' attraction only to krishna through his form (we have a couple of images & mini deities in the home which she likes for their aesthetic value) - where as I am deeply aware of my love for Krishna & although have never been an intimate member of the society / community have visited temples, read the Gita, occasionally chant japa, pray / read etc etc ..

I am vegetarian (we both are) and I try to be mindful to offer food ..

My question is mainly regarding milk and milk products for the baby.

Are there Vedic / ISKON guidelines on how to properly feed a baby ?
We are based in Holland, where as far as I know there is no source of 'ahimsa' milk as such..

Can either organic or commercial milk be offered ? I have heard conflicting opinions.

Whilst we are strict vegetarians and fully plan on bringing the child up in a vegetarian manner .. with respect to cows milk, my partner will insist on making a choice which is the best for the baby .. and as my knowledge of Prasad and authorized milk consumption is sketchy at best, I will of course agree with that ..

The other issue is - she suffers from various allergies - and the medical advice is that if the mother suffers from allergies then after breast feeding the child should be weened on hypoallergenic milk or perhaps goat milk ..

Now we can't find any 'organic' (ie not derived from commercial milk) hypoallergenic formulas - and I've no idea if goats milk can be offered in the same way that cows milk can ?

So, sorry for the long ramble - but if you have any advice it would be very welcome - as I am very keen to do right by the child and Krishna (well doing right by Krishna - should automagically be doing right by the child, right ?! )

Hare Krishna

ISKCON Gaudya Vaishnavism and Pushtimarg


Could yuo please answer me what is the main theological and philoshophical differences in doctrines of these two sampradayas?

Thank you in advance.

In really need of guidene.


I'm really in need of guidence.
I am involved in the animal rights movement i Sweden, we have alot of demonstrations and we also save animals that are being threatend of being killed by gasing drowning etc.. I know Hare Krishna devotees have a mission of spreading the non-violence diet Lacto-vegetarianism, so I have philosofical questions about theese things in relation to my wonderings.

In recent time I have had some spiritual experiences that have changed alot in my thinking. I have a spiritual master who talks alot about enlightenment and this bothers me very much actually. Let me explain.

Hare Krishna devotees often have regular jobs, right?
My job is saving animals and also humans, but primaraly the ones who are the most abused.

I trust the Vedas in many aspects, mainly in the metapsysical aspects; reincarnation, the beleif that God exist.

Now; since my master, who is not a swami but I see him as a realized being talks alot about enlightenment and God, but very little about Saving beings from fysical pain and slow death.

First I wonder: Does fysical pain exist for humans and animals?
Do we have an obligation to relieve someone who is in pain? Physical or mental? Spiritual salvation and saving beings from a much too early death, for example.

I wonder, do I have to become enlighend in THIS life? Can't i  simply choose, like the Buddhists, to not enter Nirvana and choose to being born again, with the intention to not enter until every being is saved???

There comes a question of what is the most effective way though, and how could anyone know? Can you? Can anyone? Except God of course. But he does not tell me in this state of cncioussness that I am in most of the time.

I would be really greatful if you could answer all of my stated questions.
1. Does humans and animals feel pain? Mental and psysical
2. Do a devotee have the obligation to relieve someone of intense intense pain, psysical of menta?
3. Do I have to become enlightend in THIS life?
4. Can I ignore the goal of enlightenment?
5. Is my efforts in vain since I do not know how many beings I will save with my various methods?
6. Should I be involved in helping others?

I often go to the Hare Krishna Temple in Stockholm.

Thank you soo much.

Go with God


Really need a Solution


I have a serious question.

It is said that at Tirupati, every Hindu boy, irrespective of their caste are taught VEDAs at the VEDA patashala by performing Upanayana to the individual. Does this mean that all the castes are equal? Is any of our Hindu Sacred Books tell us the same?

Or is there any rule that only Brahmin Boys can learn VEDAs??

Can you please clarify me the above?

Also let me know, if its the case, then why does always the parents of Brahmins and Non Brahmins doesnt agree for this inter caste marriages?


Yoginder G

Gaurabdha Calendar, GCal

Hare KRshNa~
Shrila PrabhupAd ki jay

I have a question about the Gaurabdha Calendar, the Gaudiya VaishNav lunar calendar.

99% of the times, in the Western hemisphere or particularly North America, Ekadashi, or any festival, falls a day before the same event in India.

For instance, i hear it is Balaram Jayanti today , Wed 8/1/2012 in N.A. whereas it is on Thursday 8/2/2012 in Mayapur and rest of India.

Now, granted that it is Thursday in India already when it is only Wednesday in North America. Is this the reason? So that all devotees all over will simultaneously follow the event?

If the tithi is lunar, wouldn't the local longitude matter? It seems some lunar calendars see the tithi differently.

Is it the solar and lunar taken together that makes a difference?

Although it shouldn't matter, it would be nice to know the basic idea of calculating a tithi.

Thank You very much
Hare KRshNa~