Krishna's Army

In the Mahabharata war, Krishna gives himself to one side, the Pandavas and gives his army
to the opposing side, the Kauravas.

Krishna has stated clearly that the war had to occur
to protect dharma and its associated principles of truth, justice, etc. This is a war of Good against Evil.
Krishna has clearly stated that the Pandavas are on the side of dharma and Kauravas on the side of adharma. So, Krishna's message in the Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna is that he must fight.

Krishna gives his army to the Kaurvas, who are on the side of evil. I don't understand why He didn't give both Himself and His army to the Pandavas. I understand that Duryodhana was distantly related to Krishna and so he asked Krishna for his help. So, an argument could be made that Krishna was following social protocols. This argument doesn't make sense. In any case, Krishna has shown He was more than willing to break social protocols if needed.

I have heard people of many different religions including Hindus in India describe these actions of Krishna as "wicked, sinister, ungodly," etc. I would greatly appreciate an intelligent response to this.

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Ekadashi dates

What are the Ekadashi dates for (South) Florida? Can't find american calandar and not able to figure out when moon is where etc.

Prabhupada and diet

Can anyone push me in the direction of any articles that have Prabhupada talking about diet, especially what the body needs, how much should we consume etc

would really appreciate, only part of my life letting me down
hare krishna

Suicidal atheists

I go on the Craigslist discussion groups. I try to preach about Krishna Consciousness. It seems that there are suicidal people and/or attention getters who say they are going to kill themselves. I try to talk to them and advise them. They usually say they are atheists and that they don't want to hear about God. How can I help these unfortunate people?

The Things That Bring You Back

I was sitting here at work amazed at circumstances that happen that either bring someone back to God or push them further away. To give a basic run down, I went to Dallas last year and had a wonderful time at the temple. It surely was Heaven on earth for me and I thoroughly enjoyed staying with my friends there. When I met up with my husband and had him come to the temple with me before we headed home to Tulsa, I saw a glimmer of hope for our journey back to Krishna. As time went on however, it seemed harder to stay together and follow KC. Ultimately, I guess I chose my marriage over Krishna. I frantically tried to find some sort of spirituality that both me and my husband could practice together. I decided to go back to the Catholic church and I brought him with me and he converted at Easter. We got so involved between choir and me teaching a Sunday school class and helping at mass almost every week. I felt like we were finally home, but I was wrong I guess. Fast forward to this past week. My husband and I went to the casino here in Tulsa and won over 1600 dollars. We could have been happy with that and since the Catholic church doesn't condemn gambling, we went the next day and lost at least 700 dollars. We swore we wouldn't go back and we would use what we had left to get things taken care of. Well, my husband and I got into a little argument on Saturday night and I blew it way out of proportion and took off with the rest of our money and blew it all by 5am Sunday morning. Realizing that we had absolutely nothing left, not chance of making money and no food in the house, I broke down completely. I screamed asking God and the Catholic saints "why?" I just sat in my car screaming toward the heavens not understanding why I felt my prayers weren't answered and why I didn't get help when the Church doesn't go against gambling. I came home completely beaten, hit rock bottom. I tore apart my closet looking for any money I may have stashed away, but to no avail. What I did find, however shocked me. There hidden out of view, in a giant bag was my entire collection of saris, my japa beads, my Gaura Nitai dieties, and a little wooden flute from India that my husband found on the school bus that he drives. I started to cry and felt my heart breaking. I held my deities to my chest and just sat crying. I realized everything that I had lost just to try to appease my husband; my friends and connections with other devotees, my connection to Krishna, and my health ultimately (I gained an absolute ton of weight from turning back to drinking, cigarettes and meat) I am not even sure where to go from here much less how to get back on track with my life. To all of my friends who I cut off, I am incredibly sorry that it has taken me so long to realize how wonderful you all are. Please forgive me for my ignorance.

LA Ratha Yatra

Looking to hire a Hare Krishna driver for a few days. My friend and I want to go to the LA Temple from our hotel in Venice Beach. My friend also wants to visit the Mexican Cultural Center in downtown LA for one day. If you or someone you know is interested please let me know. Thanks.

Thinking about moving into local iskcon temple.

Hi all!, my names Blair and im thinking about moving into my local iskcon temples ashram, how would i go about doing such a thing?
All comments will be greatly appreciated.

Mahabharat on Hulu

All Glories to Sri Krishna!!

Just thought I would let you all know that Mahabharat is showing on Hulu. It is "Season 1" 30 episodes of about 45 minutes each. It is very nice to watch and gives a good visualization of the characters and how they all come together. I would urge anyone to watch it.

Just go to, type in Mahabharat in the seach box, and it'll come up. It's free for the watching!

Oh ... English subtitles.

Hari bol!

A Quick Question

The other day I was meditating and the "eyes of Krishna" came up...could anyone point me to the direction of what that could mean?

Which edition of Bhagvad Gita should one read?

Which edition of the Bhagvad Gita should a newcomer to the faith read first? I have acquired both the A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada version (which is very complicatedly designed) and the Shri Purohit Swami edition. Is the Purohit edition very flawed? Can I start with this and continue with Prabhupada version?