Im new and have concerns

I have nothing but good things to say about Devotees and monks so far. But I have googled. Most things are far in the past and I think ISKCON has changed.Other things I think youll find the same problems in other organizations. However the one item Im concerned about is an article I read in New Orleans about Food For Life. Food For Life was asking for donations and telling people the money was going to homeless shelters. These shelters however, when asked knew nothing about any collaberation with Food For Life. And no one knows where the money went. I dont claim to have the full story . Just seems to me that ISKCON is to big and established to need to pull such shenannigans. If anyone has further details of this story or can show me where the money donated to Food For Life go's I would appreciate it. I have no need to be conned. done that through christian churches all ready. I respectfully await your replies

Illicite sex

Im in my late fourties. Im unmarried. Not having premarital sex is not a biggie for me. I have difficulty getting layed anyway. However My issue is if I ever get married Im probably not going to have kids. Sex is supposed to only be for procreating. You cant tell me all those older KC couples are only having sex to make babies. It sounds stupid as I write it. But I plan on enjoying myself fully if I get married. Any thoughts on this?

Was Swami Prabhupada poisoned or not?

The wikipedia article has no mention of it. His deathbed words of being poisoned lays like a rotten core in the pit of my stomach. Is there a definitive answer?


16 rounds

did 6 rounds. couldnt take it any more. found myself laughing.had to stop.

Fasting information

Hare Krishna

As i don't attend a temple, i get a Vaisnava calendar reminder every morning on my laptop, but i don't always understand the fasting information, is there a place i can get a detailed calendar with decent instruction of fasting as i would like to do this.

thank you

Views on Advaita Vedanta here...

Just felt like asking what people feel about Advaita Vedanta on this board. Myself, who still consider myself a Hare Krishna devotee, have also decided to follow, more faithfully, the Advaita Vedanta philosophy.
I have gone through many of the texts and read many publication on the philosophies, and have realized that this philosophy is not only as close to the "truth" as one can get, but a philosophy I am prepared to dedicate my life too, "come hell or high waters".
I know many Hare Krishna's, including Prabhupada, look down to Advaita Vedantas, though I have not understood why.

So please share with me. If you are a followr too, please post, and if you dislike the philosophy, please tell me why ;)

Iskcon Toronto 1982 Documentary

Here is a documentary film on Iskcon Toronto in 1982. The Toronto Temple is described by Srila Prabhupada as a topmost achievement.

Sexual agitation after urination

I have heard long back somewhere that we should put water over the genitals after we pass urine because there is some sexually agitating substance left over there. Can someone tell me more about it with references?

I don't know what and how to answer when non-vegetarians question why I am practising vegetarianism

I am a vegetarian for almost a year plus. However, my other family members are not vegetarians. At home, I am having a tough time in eating. My mom has to cook separately for me and so on.

My main problem is I don't really know how to explain why I am a vegetarian. I could only say that I don't eat meat because killing animals in order to satisfy our needs for eating is a big sin and I don't want to become a sinner. They ask me again why I am eating plants as eating plants is also considered as killing lives. When it comes to this point, I am left blank. I couldn't answer them.

I think, as a vegetarian, I must be able to explain why vegetarianism is the best and why eating plant-based foodstuff isn't a sin.

Please tell me about how I should explain them.

Thank you.

I've been seeing my dead best friend in my dreams..?

Hey well, my best friend died a few days ago, and i was devastated, cause he had a lot of diseases and he was in pain and he killed himself... and yeah. so 2 nights ago i had a dream, where it was all bright and shiny and my friend was in front of me and he hugged me and cried and said "Get me out of here, it's endless torture" And i go "Why? You thought you'd be happier when being dead' And says "But it's not.. it's pain... it's, nothing." and i asked him if he went to heaven, or if he went to hell, or if he went anywhere and he said it didn't exist and niether did ghosts but he was, well... just nothingness, and so i say "Then how are you visiting my dreams??" And he said that he could talk to people but he couldn't do anything else, and he told me that he couldn't feel or hear or see or talk or move and it was just like being paralyzed except well, you couldn't do anything. it's like you were floating and all your senses were gone... and then he sorta faded away into mist and i was just like, wtf? What is this supposed to mean... O_O