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Should an altar be facing in a certain direction?

Hare Krishna!

My wife believes that an altar should face north or as close to north as possible. I want to move it into our living room but it would be facing south.

Please advise.

Your aspiring servant,
David in Houston

Fake Serials using Lord Krishna name for money making

Dear devotees of the Supreme Lord, Dandvats!

What do you think about:

Fake Serial on Lord Krishna should be stopped:

the name of this krishna song

Hello my name is Regan and I love Krishna more everyday that goes on..
Would anyone be so kind as to tell me the name of this song and its singer?
I have tried for many weeks with no luck.
Much thanks and Jai Krishna!

Just how do i do this....

... i think i mentioned previously that im married to a woman who attends a catholic church but despises the idea of KC. i try and chant everyday (although i miss days), i try a read a bit, listen to podcasts, and watch to see what goes on, but i do this in private when i get a minute, sometimes when i know i should be sleeping, i stay up to do this.

Its getting so difficult, my wife was in India on business last week, so i put up a poster of krishna and radhe on my wall and left it there when she returned, it went within a hour of her coming back, she said she couldnt relax with it there, i was watching the George Harrison film, and as soon as the section with the krishna devotees came on i could see her discomfort and i could tell she wanted to turn it off.
Anything i want to do i feel i have a big wall in front of me called my wife, i cant talk about it at all,

Now i always read about divorce being a no-no, but how am i suppose to make any progression under such pressure, it makes me weak in my devotion, i want freedom to be within krishnas family, but she wont let me, if i leave her will Krishna and the devotees accept me.

After all the years i was alone in this material world, krishna waits until i have all these attachments before i find him.

hare krishna
a very frustrated soul

Please tell me what to do.

I know this boy for more than 10 years and I realized that I liked him since the beginning. I told him that I have lots of affection for him but there's nothing as love. I'm just 16 and I'm still in school. I don't know what to do. He is not talking me as before and I feel so wrong, so depressed. Please tell me to do the right thing, about what to do.

The reason of why I'm asking your opinion for this is because I want to see whether this matter is right or wrong of Krishna devotees. I don't want to make something wrong.

How do I get an answer from Lord Krishna?

I've recently completed two screenplays too illustrate the significance of self realization and serving God, as part of my service to the Lord. One of my film school teachers as not replied to me yet. And a production company turned me down. I am now put in a position where I don't know where to go or what to do. I prayed for an answer but didn't get it yet or either didn't understand it.

Help is appreciated , Hare Krishna!

How to treat every person right?

Hare Krishna!
As the title says, it's about treating every person right. I'm looking for something good to read or watch (listen) about it. As in, for example, how should I, being a man, being a teen (18), treat people around me. Old or young, woman or man, brother or sister, mother or father - everyone have to be treated accordingly; I'm especially interested in how women should be treated in various life situations.
I'm going to roam, google a bit, but it's always better when someone points you straight.


Joining an ashram

I have been wanting to join an ashram for some time now. Realizing that I find it hard to concentrate on spiritual growth within modern society and needing the guidance of a guru, I have been trying to find a good ashram in India.
However, all google results, more or less, only reveal ashrams that only offer visits and short, expencive, work shops... or merely hotel-like accommodations.
Can anyone direct me to the name or address of a real ashram, one that accepts novice students that are dedicated and willing to work for the ashram and willing to learn the ways of the Vedas?
Obviously I have studied the Vedas and practiced meditation, but I'm far away from feeling able to call myself a Hindu...

I would most of all want to join an Advaita ashram, but the only one I could find was the Ramana Maharshi ashram, which also only offers brief "accommodations".
I hope my interest in Advaita will not offend or annoy practicing ISKCON members, as I have also attended ISKCON temples...

Hari bol,

What is the KC view on divorce

hare krishna, i no longer have a desire to divorce my wife, happy

I've seen Krishna. I know the demons.

I've seen a blue creature in my life. I think it was Krishna, this happend before i started reading about Krishna, when I was a child. I have tried to study and this is what i have come up with. [spam deleted]