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No clue what to do....

Hare Krsna!

My mother is a devotee and she has a male "friend" who's a priest/vedic astrologist. He's out of town my mother cries over him, goes for tarot card readings, etc.

I've personally seen this guy watching xxx videos on my computer while he stays at or house, and hes known amongst his friends as unreliable. My mom knows this, except for the xxx part.

What should I do?

Hare Krsna!

Receiving a new name

I have been practicing Krishna Consciousness for nearly two years now. I follow the regulative principles, chant at least 16 rounds a day, and read from Prabhupada's books daily. Unfortunatly, I live quite far from a temple, which makes it difficult to attend. I know that when one commits to Krishna, one is given a new name. I have also been told that it is not necessary, but rather is a nice thing to do. I consider myself to be initiated by Prabhupada through his teachings, but without direct association to a temple, how can I receive a Krishna name?

best way to get started?

can someone point me in the right direction? i've always been interested in Krishna. Honestly, my life needs change (mentally, physically, spiritually). I want to learn more about Krishna and becoming Krishna Conscious. I've ordered some books (On the Way to Krishna, Sri Isopanisad, and Bhagavad Gita As It Is).

I'd like to know the best way to educate myself.

Thanks in advance

All of the Devotees have left! :(

Jai Sri Sri Radha-Krsna!

I came into contact with Devotees about 2 years back, and my life changed a lot for the better. I started chanting, reading Prabhupada's books and the Bhagavad, I got really hungry for KC. Their association was very important, I didn't realize that until they all moved out of town! The last Devotee just left for India about a month ago.

I feel lost without them, haven't been chanting as much, haven't been offering as much. I've gotten off track and feel horrible. There are no more Devotees around me and I am backsliding. I'm sure all of your know how important association with Devotees is. Their presence, knowledge, and encouragement meant so much and strengthened my practice. How can I keep from falling backward when I feel so lost?

B.V. Tripurari Swami

Hare Krishna-

I am new to KC and have really just begun seriously reading. I am almost finished with "Chant and Be Happy" and am also working my way through "KRSNA" and "As It Is." I have come across podcasts from BV Tripurari Swami and am wondering whether he is a good choice to listen to and further learn.


Apartments for Krishna Devotees in Vrindavan

India's First 5 senses Luxury Apartments

Welcome To Krishna Valley Vrindavan - Set on the Agra-Delhi National Highway in the outskirts of Vrindavan, this sprawling 9 acre residential complex is carefully crafted to appeal to the sensibilities of humans in a rather subtle way. Combining the elements of classic living blended with a contemporary feel; Krishna Valley homes are aesthetically designed and thoughtfully built to add that personal touch which turns mere living spaces into breathing and smiling homes.

Housing a temple of Shri Banke-Bihari Ji, the Krishna Valley complex is also well equipped with a full palette fine dining restaurant, a Yoga Center, Wellness Spa facility, and a Kairali Massage Center.

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How do you know if God is "talking" to you?

Hare Krishna!

How does God "talk" to us? If He's present everywhere then it must be possible to "communicate" with Him. But I find that I don't know how to distinguish between what are my own random thoughts and imaginings, and what is truly God's messages to me. Or perhaps it's more that I'm not sure I can trust my intuition about what God is communicating to me and how.

New to Krishna Consciousness

I am extremely knew to this. The story is a bit long of how I came into an interest in Krishna Con...but here it goes. The funny thing is the first time I set a foot inside a Hare Krishna temple was for a final project assignment from my Religions of the World class I have been taking for a required credit towards my business degree. I had to pick a religion other than my own and attend a religious service of that particular religion. I picked Hinduism because I have always been interested in it and never really explored my curiosity. I suppose the religious studies class started the ball rolling after I read the chapter on Hinduism. I remember reading about ISKCON in my text book, and thought hum, I thought they just chanted Hare Krishna and handed out flowers from the 1960s. Obviously the Hare Krishna's are a real movement and the real deal in worshiping Krishna.
Here is a little bit of my religious past. I come from a rigid Christian background, a Christian Fundamentalist sect, where it totally discouraged any reading of any religious material outside of what the Organization provided or attending any other religious services other than their own. I was born and raised in that Church and left that Church over two years ago because it was not for me, yet I still considered myself Christian though I have not attended any other Churches but still felt a need for a spiritual connection, however, a Church did not fit what I was needing, if that makes any sense!

For my final, I attended Sunday Festival because it was open house and it looked like the Hare Krishna's were very welcoming to new people. I stayed from Kirtan all the way through the Feast. I participated in the chanting, singing, and dancing. I enjoyed the lecture, and the Feast was out of this world. I love Indian food too, so I felt very comfortable. Initially before I drove over to the Temple, I was a little nervous but as soon as the Kirtan started, I had so much fun, it was quite a surprise to me. I purchased the Bhagavad Gita as it Is from a devotee who was working the book table. He thought I was a regular because apparently I gave off a very laid back demeanor. This made me laugh because I never even been inside a Hare Krishna Temple, let alone practice in Krishna Consciousness. lol Anyway I am surprised at this intense interest to learn more about Krishna Consciousness. I want to learn Bhakti yoga and mantra meditation because the effects of Sunday Festival left my mind pleasantly calm for the first time in my entire life. I felt at peace. in accordance with my final I have to write a paper about Krishna Consciousness so I have been reading the Bhagavad Gita in addition to my general research. I have started chanting the Hare Krishna mantra at least once per day and I feel better afterward. I am a little scared at being so drawn to Krishna Consciousness because this is totally out of my norm but at the same time I fell at home with it. Most of all, I think my family would think I have gone off the deep end and gone hippy/new age on them. They would never understand that is for sure. Any help or advice in understanding this would be greatly appreciated.
Hare Krishna

veda allow to give money under percent?

Tell me please, veda allow to give money under percent? Usury is a sin?

Query from the Krishna book

Hare Krishna ! Pranaams !

I had a few questions and would be very grateful if someone could answer it.

1- When Lord Krishna was born He came out of the womb of Devaki in a four hand Vishnu form instead of His original personal form. Can you please tell me why He came out in His Vishnu form ?

2- Balaram was in the womb of Devaki in His original spiritual form. Therefore when He transferred Himself from the womb of Devaki to the womb of Rohini then His entire spiritual body should have been transferred. This means there should be no material dead body in Devaki's womb. However in the Krishna book it is written that Devaki had a miscarriage. This means that a dead child was there in her womb. This means that Balaram transferred His soul from the body of this child to another that is the reason this child was born dead because there was no soul in it. If Balaram's body was spiritual and if He transferred His entire spiritual body to the womb of Rohini then the womb of Devaki should be empty because there should be no material body in her womb. Then how did she suffer from a miscarriage ?

3- Narada Muni tells Kamsa that in his previous birth he was the demon Kalanemi and was killed by Lord Vishnu. I heard that if a demon is killed by Lord Vishnu then he is merged into the brahmajyoti. However in Kalanemi's case he did not get liberation but had to take birth again as a demon called Kamsa. Why did Kalanemi not get liberation ?

4- Shrila Prabhupada said that all of Lord Krishna's associates were all nitya siddha who descended from Goloka. However when Lord Krishna was born He told Devaki that she and her husband had done great austerities of Lord Vishnu in the material world and instead of asking liberation they asked Him to be born as her child. This clearly proves that Devaki and her husband Vasudev did not descend from Goloka but they were in the material world before. Further Lord Krishna told Devaki that finally she would get liberation after her present birth. This proves that Devaki and Vasudev were sadhana siddha who were always in the material world. If such is the case then why did Shrila Prabhupada say that all the associates of Lord Krishna were His nitya siddha associates who descended from Goloka to join Him in His pastimes ?

5- Lord Krishna tells Parvati Mata the wife of Lord Shiva to enter the womb of Yashoda Mata. Then Lord Krishna tells Her that because she will be taking birth as His contemporary sister she will hence forth be worshiped by people for fulfilling their material desires. Here Lord Krishna is clearly saying that only after her birth from Yashoda Mata people will worship her. However Parvati mata has been worshiped since time immemorial even before Lord Krishna spoke these words. Then why did Lord Krishna say that only after she appears as His contemporary sister only then she will be worshipped ?