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Can Yogis transfer other devotees directly to the spiritual world at will?

I read somewhere that there are yogis who can leave their bodies at will and go to any planet they want in the vaikuntha sky. I also read they can do this for other people too if they believe they deserve it. Is this true?

Communicating with Krishna

How does one make decisions centred on the will of Krishna? Is it possible to interpret every choice that we are called upon to make at different stages of life wholly in light of the scriptures, primarily concerning the words and instructions of Krishna, such as the Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad Gita, and would a Krishna Conscious devotee consider it advisable to accept our dreams and visions of Krishna as being a reasonable and reliable authentic source of knowledge on which we could indeed base our decisions and choices instead of just seeing them as mere extensions of our imagination?

Who wrote the introduction for this book?

Who wrote the introduction for Śrī Caitanya Caritāmṛta on here: It seems to be blaming women for men liking them. Why isn't there ever any mention about things males do to females? Weren't the children kicked in the face by maya by the male Iskcon guru paedophiles? I can't take seriously a book that seems to have been written by a man with issues about women.
This is the paragraph:
It is a fact that we are constantly being kicked by māyā, just as the male ass is kicked in the face by the she-ass when he comes for sex. Similarly, cats and dogs are always fighting and whining when they have sex. Even an elephant in the jungle is caught by the use of a trained she-elephant who leads him into a pit. We should learn by observing these tricks of nature.

Māyā has many ways to entrap us, and her strongest shackle is the female. Of course, in actuality we are neither male nor female, for these designations refer only to the outer dress, the body. We are all actually Kṛṣṇa's servants. But in conditioned life we are shackled by iron chains in the form of beautiful women. Thus every male is bound by sex, and therefore one who wishes to gain liberation from the material clutches must first learn to control the sex urge. Unrestricted sex puts one fully in the clutches of illusion. Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu officially renounced this illusion at the age of twenty-four, although His wife was sixteen and His mother seventy and He was the only male in the family. Although He was a brāhmaṇa and was not rich, He took sannyāsa, the renounced order of life, and thus extricated Himself from family entanglement.

Srimad Bhagavatam PDF

These files contain all the verses in English.
Translated by Srila Prabhupada (1977).

This file is formatted for mobile phone reading.

This file is for computer reading or printing.

Please enjoy this.

Worshiping baby Krishna

How does one worship Baby Krishna? Hoping some can explain various ways or point me to some instruction. I feel I relate not only to RadheKrishna, but to the Divine Child.

Looking to buy second canto

Hello all, hare krsna!

I would like to buy second canto, since I have made it from the start, preface and all, through first canto and expect to finish it soon. I bought / was gifted my copy from a gouranga monk on the streets of Edinburgh! I would like my copy to match, it's the blue book with Krishna and Radha inside a many petalled pink lotus flower with various avatars? States? Of Vishnu in bubbles surrounding it, am I to understand that the next book in the series is brown?

Also I would like to be sure that the book is properly from the authorised source as it says in the first canto.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate that. Thankyou!

Hare krsna!

ISKCON and "the false gurus" (viz homophobia)

So, my view of ISKCON has somewhat been soured by this website:

[link removed]

Yes, its good to expose false gurus, but why does this site speak of almost everyone as "gay" and posting pictures of swamis hugging with captions like "kissy kissy". This is blatent homophobia and childish bullying. Why is the website obsessed with this and surely ISKCON doesnt make fun of or speak ill of someones sexuality?

Is this website reliable? Some of the "bogus" gurus seem to be practicing today and are well-loved...


sorry my english is really bad

i really like the krishna philosophie
but i dont like it

i want to fight krishna
and i want to be the 0,1 Prozent - they win the fight

but live is dukkha