Personal Experiences

Akhanda HarinAm saNkirtan ki jay

|| Om Namo Bhagavate VAsudevAya ||

Please accept my humble obeissances
Shrila PrabhupAd ki jay
Gaura Bhakta Vrunda ki jay

Prakriti is the doer

If jiva is tatastha shakti (sitting on the fence between material and spiritual)

that makes jiva a fractional participant in the doership OR a tiny little-one of the internal doe-eyed HlAdini RAdhikA, depending on which side of the fence she (jiva) is facing at the moment.

KRshNa says one who thinks of themselves as kartA (doer) does not really understand.

Hence i shall keep silent.... and silence is Golden is [ non-different from] HariNAm is pAraBrahman' is KRushNa.

"Atho Brahman jidnyAsA" say the Brahma SUtra

begin jidnyAsA

Who am I ?
Beloved of Shri KRushNa Govind Hari Mukund MurAri
Shankha Chakra GadAdhar MurliManohar ShyAmsundar

That's fine, but what is your nature ?
Who cares ? Beloved of Shri KRushNa Govind Hari Mukund....
All right all right i get it.

Silence is Brahman
Silence is Golden
Therefore, Brahman is Golden!
And that beautiful Golden Adi Purush is param AtmA , G O V I N D

But HarinAm IS Silence ! How ?

Constant HarinAm steers clear of jalpa / prajalpa - of which i am a culprit, as well as speculations.

Oh, but HarinAm is non-different from Hari !
KRshNa's Holy Name is non-different from KRshNa
KRshNa's form, pastimes, dhAm are all non-different from KRshNa.
So HarinAm (Holy Names) = Golden Silence = KRushNa

harer nama harer nama
harer namaiva kevalam

kalau nasty eva nasty eva
nasty eva gatir anyatha

In this Age of Kali there is no other means, no other means, no other means for deliverance than chanting the holy name, chanting the holy name, chanting the holy name of Lord Hari.

- BRuhad NAradIya PurAn 38.126

Some say "no other way no other way no other way"

Something Lord Chaitanya has been telling us all along.
Please scroll down and listen to "01 Visvambhar Das"

akhanda HarinAm saNkirtan ki jay

How did you like my math ?

Hare KRushNa Hare KRushNa KrushNa KrushNa Hare Hare
Hare RAm Hare RAm RAm RAm Hare Hare

end of jidnyAsA


My miracle from Lord Krishna

One night I had just finished reading two pages from the "Bhagavd Gita As It Is". As I went to bed I had a miraculous dream. I dreamt that I was in the village of Brindavan. I then saw a big tree. I saw the cow herd boys eating their lunch. Suddenly I heard the most divine music I had ever heard in my life. It had to have been Krishna's flute I thought to myself. I saw him playing his flute. Although I did not get to see his face I did get to see his body. It was Aqua blue just like the paintings. I woke up and immediately prayed to Lord Krishna. After I finished praying to Lord Krishna. I thought my mind had cheated my eyes. For I thought I saw one of the Krishna pictures move. I once again prayed. I never had such a miracle happen to me ever in my life.

Raade Raade!

!!Shri Krishna-Arpan-Namastu!!Shri Krishna! From last 5000 years who is ruling the expressed n unexpressed feelings of all the Indians – A Yugpurush!

I recently finished reading this novel “Yugandhar” by Shivaji Sawant the 6th time. But each time I read it, I get a totally new meaning from the same lines n words which I have read twice before. Well, you’ll say that I must have mugged up the atleast 3/4th of the novel uptill now, n that is true! But still when I take it in my hands, I automatically get eager to read it once again, to know whether there is some more of the Krishna which I have not yet understood even after reading so many times. The way that Shivaji Sawant has presented each n every, known n unknown incident of Shri Krishna’s life makes one to believe that he was a Yugpurush.

Due to the nature of adapting what the forefathers have said, done n believed n great amount of illlitracy, specially in the rural areas we have made Shri Krishna one of the Gods. Without even looking at all the stories through a different angle, told n known about him, we have made him one who should be worshipped. Whereas if one looks practically n strategically at each of his thoughts, moves n deeds, we’ll understand that he is not only to be worshiped, but everything he has done n said is to be learned n implemented.

The various characters he played,
- the Kanha who used to steal Makhan from all the houses in Gokul his motive behind this being that, each n every house in the Gokul was his own, the lesson of My Country is my Home
- the Kanhayya who played with the Gopis n also teased them but was still their loved one, n the one who gave a totally new meaning to the relationship of a man n a woman with the help of Radha
- the Krishna who killed Kans the symbol of terrorism n cruelness n freed all the Yadavas
- the Murlidhar who made the whole world mad due to his Murli n taught the importance of music.
- the Krishna who studied at the Gurukul n obeyed his Guru teaching the importance of education n the Guru in every persons life
- the Vasudev who ruled his kingdom n gave the example of an ideal leadership
- the Keshav who gave a new meaning n importance to the sister-brother relationship n also to the husband-wife relationship
- the Achyut who fought for the Pandavas representing the side of truth n justice n against the Kauravas representing Asatya
- the Shri Krishna who was responsible for the famous Mahabharat yudh, which proved the win of Justice over Injustice, who helped many people to attain Moksh
- the Yugpurush who made the Yug that he lived a History!

He Preached so many examples n teachings by first following it himself, the importance of Mother, Friend, Lover, Husband, Brother, King, each n every role played by a human being in his life. Such a different meaning of every small thing!

The most important n one which will be useful to every human being till they persist is The BagvadGita! The thoughts that are applicable, no matter how n to what extent the world n people change.

He is the only one who is considered more as a friend than as a God. The Morpankh got a very different meaning due to him n is dear to all.

Well, I’ll never stop writing n describing him as he himself has so much in him. But the most he is known for is the meaning he gave to Love, the eternal truth!

!!Shri Krishna-Arpan-Namastu!!

BY Shripad

Ananya Chintayantoma-Always Remembering Me!

Hare Krishna!
It was during my final year of Engineering, one day it was heavily raining, wind was heavily blowing and the lights went off at home. I thought to go to Sri Krishna Mandir near my home. But before that I decided to go to Shiva's mandir which was bit far from Krishna Mandir. I decided to walk making my way to Shiva temple that night stopping here and there under the shelters, to avoid the rain and again walking when the rain temporarily stopped.Wind did not show any mercy, neither the rain, so I was already late to the Shiv mandir. I had the darshan of Shiva at 9:15 PM and I have to go to Krishna mandir but the temple shuts by 9:30PM everyday. I thought, I will not be able to have a darshan of Shri Krishna.

Staring at the night sky and feeling the wind and sprinkles of rain on my body, in my heart I said to Lord Krishna-
"Krishna, I want to have your darshan, but I guess I cannot see you tonight. The wind is heavy and the rain was not stopping. By the time I reach your temple it will be shut." Just at that moment when I finished my thought, as if Lord Krishna listened to my heart, nature responded to some sort of a divine command. Suddenly wind stopped, not even a single leaf was moving, not even single drop of rain falling. I could feel no wind , nor sprinkles of rain on my body. The way was clear, I thought, I should not delay any more. So I wore my sandals and left Shiv mandir in a flash as if like a Gandhi on a Salt Satyagraha! I could not make it by 9:30PM, but reached the temple at 9:45PM. To my surprise, the temple was still open. I went inside and walked to the altar of the Lord, so beautifully stood with a sweet smile and with a flute in his hand! The temple priest got up when he saw me and said: "Please come my dear friend, I have been waiting for you, without shutting the temple, otherwise I would have shut by 9:30PM. At last you came". He did special archana and lit the camphor and chanted the mantras and gave me the teertha with a smile. The words got me! Stirring in my mind even after many years, where ever I went, whether to Australia or to Singapore, these words have a remarkable influence on me.Does the priest know me? No! Why should he leave the temple open until I came? Do not know! Only my heart has its answers which baffles my mind!

I do not call myself a devotee. But I know with all my imperfections, there is a greater power than anything in this world we can imagine! It is fruitless to argue, it is fruitless to dream! When the facts of divinity confront us, there is no room for doubt, we cannot but accept the truth. When the sun shines, how can we even doubt its existence!
Where was Krishna when I was thinking at that time? He was and is in my heart! Whats more! he listens to you more than you can listen to yourself! He is the supreme Self residing in everybody's heart. There is a call from within in everyone of us, we rarely listen and the nature from outside tries to push us within our heart with all the life's experience! We are trying to find something and the call is the sadguru from within that is giving you the address of the Supreme self! Yet we look for the home outside which we know we cannot find! Haven't we discovered yet that permanent happiness is not outside! If not we need to grow! No matter how many lokas we might have heard in puranas, it will not help! Because the true abode is within! The underlying peace is within, the goal is within. Honey bird of African jungle guides the wayfarer looking for honey by making musical tones, and the wayfarer goes in the direction of the music. If he goes in the wrong direction, the honey-bird changes the tone and the wayfarer stops and changes the direction. The bird guides him until he reaches the tree with honeycomb. The call within is like the music of the honeybird. Sadguru is the honey bird. Until we go in the right direction within, the music leads us, but when we loose sight of goal in worldy existence, the music changes in the form of life's experiences, some of which are very hard to bear and painful! This hard to bear music will continue until we again pick up the music, the call from within (the Sadguru's call). This waxing and waning goes on until we reach our peaceful abode, the abode of Supreme!

Hare Krishna!

i didnt realize i had to be someones friend in order to know about god how do i go about this

hello hope your all doing well still interested in learning about krishna so sorry to bother you
guys know your busy as well i tried to ask deveotees questions but seems some of them have
no needs to show me i would like to show you a email i recieved from a devotee in facebook
he seemed to be bothered that i contacted him how did i get in contact with him as well i
didnt know i had to be his friend in order to ask questions he also said i should go to my devotee
friend and ask him thank you the devotees name was Visuddha-sattva das .......................................................................................HERES THE RESPONSE

I don't know who you are and how you come in contact with me here, and/or where you are living and under wich temple are you serving Prabhupada's mission. Neither I know if you are in contact with some Ikscon guru or devotee in our society. So, I can't help you without knowing this matters.
Please remit to your nearest temple or devotee friend to expose your problematic there. I am sorry. I don't have the habitue to instruct people in Krishna Conciouness that I don't really know. Hare Krishna.
Please chant the Holy Name in a favorable mood and all your troubles, bad feelings and angry thoughts, they will disipate gradually. In the spiritual life sincerity is necessary. Also patiente, perserverance, enthusiasm and humiity, approching Vaisnavas in a proper humble mood of surrendered. See Gita-sloka (4.34).
I am not american and I do not like the american way & freely style of life: Srila PRabhupada, our Founder-Acharya instructed that we are not this bodies and we should behave in the spiritual plattform. Vedic life is very different of the american and/or european life style. Vaisnava behaviour means to be humble (no arrogant), simple, meak, tolerant, and giving respect(SOMETHING HE LACKS) to other without false ego and demanding any respect for ourserves. That's require training, Krishna conciousness tranining. So, that its why I recommend you to go to the nearest of our temples in your place. I am living in Venezuela, altough I pass many time in India. Hare Krishna !

how do devotees expect people to learn if they dont ask or to have him say he wont instruct people on krishna consciousness that he doesnt know then if thats so why do devotees go into the streets and airports and expose it im very confused with this man much love and respect to you and all the FROM ANTHONY HERRERA XTORCHESOFNEROX@GMAIL.COM 209 9812928 northern california

my experience....

I am new to this forum...First of all greetings to all bhakta's out there...Jai Shri Krishna.Before I make any major decisions or if i want to know what lies ahead after one of my undertakings, I would always seek out the Lord's indication. I would write the possible outcomes on 2 sheets and tossed it in front of the Lord and say my prayer. Once I am done with my prayers, I would ask the elders in my family to pick one of it normally my grandmother will do it. As I have encountered, the outcome was never wrong, and it will eventually happen.Kanha also helps me out of every problem I go through.That shows the Lord's grace as he is listening to what this humbled bhakta is preaching to him.HE is truly great and there is no words to describe Kanha's greatness. It is beyond the limits of words put together. Lately I've been in great distress. I lost the one I truly love. I really need him back. Without him my world had darkened and he has choosed someone else over me. I share every experience of my life with the Lord, I feel peaceful and I have let down the burden in my heart after every prayer I say to Kanha. Im sure Kanha knows my pain. In fact, we begun our relationship after getting Kanha's blessing from his mandir.But it all came to an end leaving me heartbroken. As i usually do, I tossed d outcomes before Kanha and picked one decision and it says that he will come back to me. But he has drifted further apart from me and has gone into the arms of someone else. Kanha never let me down before.......will he grant my wishes and fulfill my prayers this time?....My faith on Kanha will never fade away. But hopefully he is listening.Dear fellow bhakts will SHRI KRISHNA fulfill this devotees wish and take away the pain by returning him to me?...please do share your thoughts....Jai SHRI KRISHNA

I got "tricked" at the Sadhana Retreat

I thought it would be fun to just go and pretend to be a "real devotee" for the weekend. However, something strange is happening to me. When I got home from the Retreat I found out that I had lost interest in playing on the computer and watching TV. Monday at work was a total disaster.
It was hellish. However, this morning I found myself at the Temple at 3:30am anxious and wanting to chant 16 rounds. Yes, you heard me right.
"WANTING" to chant 16 rounds. I cannot tell you just how wonderful that Retreat was for me. Great teachers, wonderful devotee association, and great prasadam. I am so thankful that I was able to attend. I am a different person today. I now feel that it is possible for me to chant 16 rounds a day. So now I have to stay strong and determined. I have to remember all the words of wisdom I learned at the Retreat.

God's Mercy

The storms of life may come against us, but God is with us, through thick and thin. This week, I have been listening to the Gayatri Mantra. I was at a Christian prayer meeting last night and as the lady prayed, I secretly chanted the Gayatri and it kind of fit in.

My life is filled with both happiness and pain. My daughter has come back to me after 8 years and on Mother's Day, I cried during Church. Also, we keep getting struck with sickness. In any case, I can feel Krishna and his strength. I truly believe that he carries what we lack and preserves what we have.

All of this week-of sinus problems and my son having pink eye and my daughter being back in my life, Krishna keeps showing up--in the concern of other people, in the midst of my weaknesses, when I have to drive in dangerous places (I can't drive-talk about women and shudras-I'm both, LOL!), I know that Krishna is there to help me.

To me the Gayatri is like an older form of the Lord's Prayer. Right now, it is my faith in Krishna that is the only thing keeping me going. I mean-there is Christ, but Krishna seems larger-like the entirety of God.


Two Unexplainable experiences!!

Hare Krishna everyone,

Experience #1
Eight months ago I went to visit my mother in another city, and she told me about this 'Spiritual Temple' called Krsna consciousness. Obviously, I had hardly any interest in spirituality really, but I had SOME motivation for going to the temple when suddenly IT happened.

As we were entering the temple I could hear the sound of kirtan playing and as I entered the temple room and found a comfortable place in the back of the crowd, I listened and began studying what was going on - many men dressed in skirts, and women in robes were surrounding what looked like some statues on an alter, and there were plaques with some foreign language that read: "hare krishna, hare krishna, krishna krishna, hare hare, hare rama, hare rama, rama rama, hare hare" by the sides, then I spotted what looked like an old man sitting on a large chair, It was Srila-Prabhupada's statue! By now I was freaked out a little, when suddenly there occured a small rip in the crowd, like having a cloudy sky split in two..

Time slowed down as I saw this statues deity face smiling and holding a flute near his mouth, for one second I became confused and then - for 3 seconds, THATS RIGHT 3 SECONDS: I felt Bliss, Serenity, Love, Joy - and a thought occured in my mind: "I've finally found home!"

In the Skanda Purana there is the following description of the result of seeing arati (worship) of the Deity: 'If someone sees the face of the Lord while arati is going on, he can be relieved of all sinful reactions coming from many, many thousands and millions of years past. He is even excused from the killing of a brahmana or similiar prohibited activities.' (The Nectar of Devotion, Ch. 9)

Then I became bewildered; and I also suddenly realized that one of the temple Brahmin priests was staring at me oddly, and then I REALLY freaked out.

As kirtan finished and we sat down to talk the priest was handed the microphone and pointed at me and said "You see that there boy - his soul was very happy!" I immediantly became emberrased and as well with still being disorientated after what had just happened to me.

Experience #2
2 months later - I was chanting my 18 rounds in the temple and circling the deity darshana - all alone. Every time I came around the back and passed the Pujari room, I had the feeling some 'Ghost' was following behind me and disappeared either every time I looked back or came around to the front of the alter. Finally I decided to stand in the hall behind the alter and wait. Suddenly, there was a peaceful - magnetic sensation to my Third Eye coming from the back wall of the alter, I moved closer and it felt really good; I embraced it, and it gradually faded into my Third Eye. I never realized that people touch they're heads to the back wall until a week later I saw people pressing they're heads in obesiances against the back wall.

So now, ever since then these experiences have given me constant faith in Krishna, as I cannot explain them and the fact my heart started feeling emotions again, I've grown so detatched from computer games, non-devotee friends, modern-music, improved intuition, love of god, attatchment to chanting, etc. And the feeling that Krishna is often with me, showing me the way. I'm terribly attatched to him and can't imagine my life now without him, I almost LUST for him at times and then feel helpless because I can't reach him.

God bless you all, I swear that everyone will have intimate experiences like these in Krsna Consciousness, don't think you'll only have one, a couple, or a few, or even JUST several, he will reveal himself to all who have confidence in him! He is the light of lights!

With love, Haribollll!

I can feel God when I work and take pleasure in the Supreme Personality of Godhead

When I work, I can feel the Supreme Personality of Godhead. There is a peace that washes over me and fills my soul. It is a quiet peace. In Western European culture, we must remember that differing "castes" can occur within a family. In my family, we would have mostly what would be considered Bhrahmins and one Vaishya, but I consider myself a sudra--a literate sudra, but nonetheless I consider myself a sudra because so many things are things which I find complex and I work either autonomously or under leadership. Service to others seems to be in my make-up.

I have had a rough time as of late and I still haven't learned how to leave everything to God, but I am closer than I was awhile back. I am sure that some of the Das's remember my frantic letters. It is very difficult to deal with the newer aspects of Krishna spirituality because of the hefty and pervasive Christian training that I have. Sometimes, I feel that I am lying to my Christian friends but if they knew that I worshipped Krishna, they would reject me and down where I live there are only a handful of Krishna/Vishnu worshipping types, so...............

But I listen to the Gita everyday and I have come far with it. Wisdom doesn't happen all at once; it happens in steps. Last night, I organized all of my clothes for work and tonight, I will organize more things to get ready for work. Krishna works in a subtle way....slowly and gently.....and you begin to see your own maya as well as the maya of others.

I still get confused on some things. Like "perusha" being the enjoyer and I equate it with adidaiva.....I guess that they are two aspects of the soul within us.....the divine spark.......

I have learned that the soul sometimes has to go beyond our karmic make up and when we do what we don't want to but what we do is good, we feel that inner satisfaction that is our soul.

Anyway, as I begin my day, I say "Hare Krishna!"