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Personal Experiences

I attended the Iskon Hare Krishna seminar in Jaipur about a year ago and now whenever i chant the Maha Mantra , i go in second

I attended the Iskon Hare Krishna seminar in Jaipur about a year ago and now whenever i chant the Maha Mantra , i go in second world.Can anyone tell me where can i attend that type of seminar again in Jaipur.
I want to feel the closeness with my Krishna !

Hare Krishna !

krishna dream

i had a dream on baby krishna walking down an aisle in a hall and the whole crowd was singing his praises
anyone knows what it means

Dream about Krishna.

I was always an atheist. But I am now starting to think differently, and that maybe there is some other existence out there.

Recently (two years ago) I developed this illness. It's not life threatening but it's a major one and most possibly lifelong. I am taking meds and the symptoms have thankfully not returned since then and I'm in remission. But my doctor thinks the symptoms will return and we will have to treat them when they do.

I am 26 years old and at an age where my parents want me to get married. I went against the idea for a long time because of my illness. I felt that no one would accept me with this illness and I don't want to burden anyone with it.

But about two weeks ago I had this dream. In this dream, my mother wanted to introduce me to someone. I went to see him, he happened to be very rich, and was dressed just like an Indian prince with all these jewels, etc. And he was very dark. But he had only one arm. I told him about my illness and he said it didn't bother him. I recognized him. He was Krishna. Then I went to see another guy, this time he was dressed ordinarily and was dark. But I recognized him again, He was Krishna. Then I heard the Hare Krishna mantra being played out and I don't know what happened after that. I don't know what to make of this dream. Should I pay attention to it?

I recently said yes I do want to get married and have asked my parents to find someone for me, but I will definitely tell him about my illness when the time is right. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. But I guess everyone deserves a right to be happy, right? I just don't want to be alone for the rest of my life.

Letter To Srila Prabhupada

Bhakti Yoga.

Name: Fallen Willpower.
Subject: Letter to His Divine Grace Abhay Charanaravinda (AC) Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.
Destination: Krishnaloka’s Internet.

Hare Krishna!
Hereby I salute all readers of wisdom.
The following words within this present post will be 100% directed to His Divine Grace (AC) Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada in Krishnaloka where I feel that AC’s eternal soul must be living now after His Spiritual Mission was Accomplished on Earth. As I read in this web site files AC stands for “One who is fearless having taken shelter at the lotus feet of Krishna.”

I believe that by means of Mystical Powers AC will read my “words” in Krishnalokas’s internet. And all readers are welcome to read my message though I may not reply any comment for my message goes straight to AC.

The message begins… Tomorrow… Because I’m sending this message from Mexico which is a country where everyone leaves important things to do for “Tomorrow…” due to a national tradition and also adding the prayer “…If God Allows.”

Sometimes, some people in Mexico will do important things on the same day. Such a seldom event would be possible only if God would be really willing to allow it to happen. Therefore, if I’m still writing, it surely means that God is allowing this to happen. Then I shall start The Message right now.


All Glories to Srila Prabhupada, ki Jaya!

Dear Spiritual Master, sorry to bother you at Krishnaloka where I believe that you must be now.
I will address myself as “Fallen Willpower.”

Some years ago I used to have a spiritual name, which I gave to myself inspired by your teachings through your books. I haven’t been initiated yet by a Bona Fide Spiritual Master in Krishna Consciousness (KC). However in the past years I have been lucky enough in order to being able to meet some KC devotees. I have visited some of your temples. And through some time I was able to perform a personal program of Bhakti Yoga that included:
1) Waking up and first thing to do was offering respectful prayers unto you.
2) Next was taking a bath with cold water using a swimming suit in order to respect Indra and the bath would always be offered unto Krishna.
3) Then I would follow the Tilaka ceremony by using water instead.
4) Then I would do some Japa Chanting.
5) Then I would do some Chanting of Devotional Songs (Kirtana).
6) Then I would read one verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam.
7) Then I would have Prasadam for breakfast after offering boga unto you.
8) Then I would go to my job and my job was carried out as Karma Yoga, Action in KC, without attachment to the fruits of work.
9) Then I would have Prasadam for lunch after offering boga unto you.
10) Then I would do some evening kirtana.
11) Then I would read one verse from Bhagavad-Gita.
12) On certain days I would do a 24 hours fastening from food and water, twice a month.
13) Amazingly and despite of my past actions, during those days I was following the 4 Regulative principles.

And I was doing my personal Bhakti Yoga program every day for some time on my own, surrounded by an atmosphere of Non devotional places and Non devotional people everywhere. I remember that when people was curious to know about my habits I would tell them that I was trying to follow some teachings on my own and since I was not a person officially initiated then I was not in a preaching position so if somebody would be curious about my habits I would only suggest to them reading your books because they would get No preaching words from myself.

And so I was doing my personal Bhakti Yoga program every day for some time on my own Until one day Maya became stronger than ever and one by one all these habits started to vanish like a cloud in the sky.

What were the reasons why I became a Fallen Willpower person regarding Bhakti Yoga Performance?

Last thing I remember is that there was this nice woman…

I used to remember the verse in the Gita saying “While contemplating the objects of the senses a person gets attached to the objects of the senses. From such attachment Lust arises. Then From Lust Anger arises. From Anger Bewilderment of memory arises. Then intelligence is Lost. Then one falls in Illusion. And then one falls down again into the material pool of cycles of birth and death.” It’s in the Gita. I don´t remember the Number or Chapter of this verse.

As well I used to practice looking at women visualizing Vishnu Paramatma The Supersoul within the female heart.

Well, to make a long story short, somehow this woman’s temporary material beauty went beyond my efforts to control the mind. And sooner than expected I was no longer doing my Bhakti Yoga program anymore. It’s been some years so far.

The reason I’m sending you this message today is to let you know that now there is a special problem.

I didn’t have internet installed at home until this present month. And you wouldn’t believe how easy is to get lost in Maya web sites. And you wouldn’t believe the kind of Maya situations that can happen on certain web sites. I won’t provide you with details.

The only thing I am sure about is that if I will have to have internet installed at home, then I will certainly need to have some kind of communication with you again through this web site in which I am posting this message to you.

Who knows when my name will change from Fallen Willpower into the spiritual name that I used to use for myself inspired by your teachings. However this must be the beginning.

If I will use the internet because is part of my job with computer programs, then I request from you with humbleness that you better bring me back again into this web site in order to send you some more messages rather than surfing the web and looking into web sites that are not spiritual at all. They are Just Maya web sites.

Thank you very much. And if I do return to post more messages in here it will certainly mean that “…God is allowing it.”

For the moment I’ll write the Maha Mantra:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare;
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare./

I wrote One Time The Maha Mantra.
Chanting the Maha Mantra 108 times = 1 Round.
16 Rounds is The Daily amount of Rounds one should be chanting.

Well. On my next visit here I shall write the Maha Mantra twice. “…If God allows.”

Hare Krishna! All Glories To You The Bona Fide Spiritual Master Srila Prabhupada.

Truly, Fallen Willpower.

His Lessons

My humble obesiances to the Das's and Sri's.

Hare Krishna

First let me say that this week is much better than two weeks ago. One Das got to deal with my stupidity and I apologize for that.

Krishna is teaching me a whole lot. He is placing me on the correct path. As he does, he neatens things out and he makes things better. As it is said: "I will carry what you lack and preserve what you have." The Faith is helping me so much. As I come into my own, there are residual questions. I won't get into them here. You know at times, we want the Nectar of Krishna's wisdom and it isn't time yet. I have been listening to "Reality Check" on the website here and it helps me by leaps and bounds. I spend 120.00 every six weeks and for FREE I got better advice from the audio here than the advice or wisdom given to me in my own therapy sessions.

I just wanted to share that. My experiences with Krishna are less dramatic than other people's. The situation tends to drag itself out and then somehow Krishna:

1. He will show what the illusion is-directly.

2.-He then shows me directly how my illusion affects other people--what type of karma or consequence it gives out.

3-He then tells me to wait.

4. Then--a duality shows up.

Then, I read something like this:A Course In Miracles says “every moment we are choosing between the resurrection and the crucifixion.” To me, this means that every thought can be life affirming or life denying, loving or fearful, real or illusory. Are we giving power to illusions and trying to make them real, or are we embracing our Divinity? In the Bible, the "knowledge of good and evil" refers to the belief in duality. This knowledge of good and evil brings with it a burden, as stated in Genesis. But isn't knowledge better than blissful ignorance? Yes, but we must go from knowledge to transcendence. Knowledge includes being aware of just how deeply we bought into the belief in good and evil. Once we see every crack and crevice of the darkness inherent in this belief, the light of awareness dispels the illusion of duality and we remember that all is Spirit.
The real question here is about being guided by one's own God Presence to help in the best possible way. My soul often attracts other souls either to help me or be helped. I do not need to go out of my way seeking to help others, nor should I be worried about rejecting a plea of help. Love is spontaneous and natural and if I'm listening to WHO I AM, I will respond appropriately. Sometimes it may look like active intervention; sometimes like nothing at all. Spirit knows what it's doing, my ego does not. Our egos do not know all of the ramifications of any assistance we offer. Maybe that spare change we gave to the man on the street went for alcohol. Then this drunk man stole a car and mowed over a dozen people. Or maybe that smile we gave prevented the suicide of someone who later became a major figure for change in the world. All of us affect the world more than we can imagine.

Ill be right back.

Krishna must have kept me

I am sick at work. I had a run in with a security guard at my husband's work. I took a clonapin to calm down.

I believe that Krishna must have been with me because I am here now.

I'm tired. All that I want to do is sleep.

The world spins around me and now I can see the illusion and the Buddhist concept that all the social statuses and stuff is all just the whim and derelict dream of a bunch of people chasing some huge prize that they will never win.

Now, it is God, family and friends to which I am devoted as a Householder.

I know that Krishna is the only way to cure this broken heart.

Because of the way the world is, I see now that becoming a devotee is the only way to get away from the suffering.

I am ready for the changes now, although understand that I am nto that great a cook, so to start out, I will be eating yogurt and having broccoli and cheese for dinner---I am after all, Blue Collar. I hope that you can understand. I won't be a typical devotee in terms of fancy dishes. My stuff will be soy products from Morningstar Farms and lots of dairy products. I'm poor and not so bright in the kitchen, so don't expect Ethiopian vegetarian or South Indian vegetarian.

I've got my Ekatepnha Cted FB page with about 4 Das people on there. That's me.

I hardly know what I am doing, but I promise that I will try my best.

Remember, I am a regulated householder with a 7 year old, an indepdendent 18 year old and a Unitarian 41 year old ADD male in the household. IT's not going to be ideal. Just know that.

Hare Krishna.

My experience of existence...

I am life, i am death, i am incarnation through incarnation, i am less, i am more, i grow and i grow, transformation awaits for me.. i will go where no one has gone before.

JH Leeuwenhart

Krishna directed me today.

Someone wanted to sit near my boss. My boss didn't seem pleased about me today--she was morose. But, something said to me "Allow this person who doesn't have a seat.........the friend of the sit near her." So, I did.

I went back downstairs. I just said "Happy Superbowl" and just left this as it is.

Krishna appears to be moving. This morning, I was chanting Hare Hare.

I won't say that stuff happened with immediacy, but fairly quickly for divine intervention.

I saw an etheric beautiful garden scene.

My sister wants to take me to dinner to talk about our conflict.

The lady who in the past has seemed toxic is now helping me further with my individual character.

And finally, my ADHD son is being acccomodated for the churches' Superbowl party (not this one I was at at work but another one).

These are good things and I attribute them to Krishna.

Things may not always be like I want them, but I know that Krishna knows things..............


Hare Krishna.

hare krishna

dandawat pranam to all visitors of this forum topic
My name is GRRAO, from INDIA and a devotee ofthe Lord. Though born in Madhava community yet it was only because of devotee association i could reach so far. that i could search in google the word krishna and slowly understand the reach of ISKCON and Lord mighty reach i just couldfathom while remaining in this material world. If this the power of Krishna external energy i am witnessing then what about HIS INTERNAL POTENCY the Spiritual world. Ihave no word to say but just surrender to Lord Krishna and SRILA PRABHUPAD whose Mercy made my today and that we are all connected.
Just imagine the powerof internet and i am in material world i would be chatting in some live chat room with some humanbeings talking about senses world enjoying and whiling awY my time and money in material things and ideas.
This topic is DIVINE and i know all readers will connect me to the WORLD OF SPIRITUALITY even though u may be in in other countries or parts of India.
I have some benefit for having born in a brahmin family but the true knowledge we get only through sustained preaching as done in Iskcon by so many devotees.
I pray the Lord give me the strength to be of service to mankind in my own little way and resources. I am connected to CBD BELAPUR CONGREGATION AND ISKCON CHOWPATHY MUMBAI. THANKS FOR READING ME OUT IT IS OUT OF LORD PLEASURE I AM DOING THIS

can someone decode the krishna dream for me please

Hi ,

About me , i never trust god, i am 30 years old and never visited krishna temple nor taught of him or prayed for anything .

Yesterday got an strange dream let me narrate it
It was an beautiful face , infact so beautifull that i have never seen anythin such beautiful in my whole life .
I was able to see only the face of krishna popping up and his whole body was submergerd in sand/land...he had an beautifull curl hairs swining all over .

I was just before him , went near ...he had an very beautifull blue eyes . ..i went near to him and his beautifull eyes made me to hypnotize me and i can feel my whole body went inside his other eyes ...Please note krishna had only one eye the other eye was an hole ..i mean i can feel while entering to the empty eye hole as if i am entering into space.

it was an beautifull experience felt like very spirtual and obtained the highest degree of my life form .

then i attend the spirtual very good feeling of my life ..after sometime i was out and i saw i had an gun in my hand and 2 people standing before krishna and me ..i shot them ..then i woke up

what does this mean please explain ?