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Personal Experiences

Thoughts on my Krishna dream would be appreciated

Two nights ago I dreamed the following (NB. 'Emmerdale' is a tv soap opera and Jorge is a friend and old flatmate):

It took place in a small room somewhere. It was night time and we were stood next to a window curtained with nets or similarly translucent fabric. I was with two young women: one was definitely 'Jenny' from the soap opera Emmerdale (or the actress that plays her, at any rate). The other I don't recall. I had an old record player, the boxed Dansette type from my childhood. A record was playing the accompaniment to verses that the girls would take turns to sing. Each verse took as its subject a religious figure. The only one I specifically recall now was Krishna, the last to be sung to/about (for these were hymns, on reflection). I was constantly struck by the beauty of the girls' voices as they carried the intricate melodies, occasionally harmonising and hitting high notes perfectly that I anticipated would be beyond them (particularly 'Jenny'). I was rapt with joy. Halfway through this recital, Jorge came into the room. He was just in time for the last couple of verses, but before the girls began 'Jenny' exclaimed: "You haven't got Frank Sinatra in this room, have you?" I think I'd mentioned that I had a Sinatra album and she got really excited at the prospect of hearing him sing. But as the four of us gathered by the window to sing to Krishna (for we were all singing now and I, to my surprise, knew the devotional verses by heart) a Krishna-blue light shone in through the thin curtain, bathing us in its trademark colour. I heard myself intoning names and syllables I had no idea I really knew (except perhaps for that of 'Arjuna', which I noticed myself singing repeatedly) until with heightening emotional pitch the song ended. As it did so I pulled back the curtain to see a blue figure, slightly stooped, running away from the crowded square below. For Krishna, he was older and a little out of shape, and together with the gaudy light I sensed a performance, an approximation to the symbolism, but all done for our benefit. This happened in a split second, because it seemed that as soon as the singing was over, 'Relax' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood came on the record player, loudly pounding its assertive and reassuring message into the room as I took off my glasses - aware that my face was tired and strained with intensity - and flopped onto the bed.

On waking, I was struck by the singing of paeans to embodiments of God, most memorably Krishna. The theatrical blue light and actor impersonating Krishna made me think of the 'finger pointing to the moon' analogy in metaphysics; neither the light nor the blue painted man were Krishna, necessarily, but in a sense Krishna isn't Krishna either, he's a symbol of something much greater. Nevertheless, he's a useful symbol for drawing nearer to Source, and dreams are in the business of symbolism and metaphor after all. Plus, when I was in my late teens I came across some of those free books about Krishna that ISKCON volunteers used to hand out, and was vaguely fascinated. I rarely think about Krishna, I have to say, and have never seriously read the Gita or been much interested in doing so. Since the dream, I feel curious about its possible significance but I don't feel like I had a divine revelation as such. Nevertheless, I can't help feeling it's trying to tell me something. It was fairly remarkable in my experience, i don't often dream about gods. And perhaps by trying to interpret it as an approximation to Krishna, rather than a vision of Krishna himself, I'm denying the possibility that he visited me in my dream. I'm unsure.

Here are the lyrics to 'Relax' by FGTH which ended the dream:

Oh oh

Relax don't do it
When you want to go to it
Relax don't do it
When you want to come
Relax don't do it
When you want to come
When you want to come

Relax don't do it
When you want to to go to it
Relax don't do it
When you want to come
Relax don't do it
When you want to suck to it
Relax don't do it
When you want to come
Come-oh oh oh

But shoot it in the right direction
Make making it your intention-ooh yeah
Live those dreams
Scheme those schemes
Got to hit me
Hit me
Hit me with those laser beams

I'm coming
I'm coming-yeah

Relax don't do it
When you want to go to it
Relax don't do it
When you want to come

Relax don't do it
When you want to suck to it
Relax don't do it (love)
When you want to come
When you want to come
When you want to come

Get it up
The scene of love
Oh feel it

Higher higher


Are Advaitins not welcome at ISKCON temples?

Am I right in feeling that practicing Advaitins, or Advaita interested students, are not welcome in Hare Krishna temples?
Are impersonalists excluded or treated with hostility, as they are in most ISKCON-guru speeches?
Should I not attend? Ask the resident guru?

Krishna in dreams

I had a beautiful dream one day, there was a little boy, who's hair was shaved, he was wearing round glasses and a white traditional dhoti, with no shirt, he knocked at my door, I thought the boy must have been lost and asked him were he was from and who were his parents, he had a mischevious smile on his face, and said his father's name was Vasudev and Mother's name was Devaki, I was very surprised, and thought the little fellow was pulling my leg, since he may have known that I love Krishna, I asked him the second time and he said the same thing, I was very angry that the little fellow must be pulling my leg even more, and asked him to go home, he would not budge, and he ran to my mother who was standing next to me inquiring what was going on, he ran to her and tightly hugged her around her knees, since he was a little fellow he was barely the height of my mothers knees. when I woke up I reflected on this dream and felt it was the Vamana avatar, as the little boy just looked like Lord Vamana as I had seen in the pictures. I am not sure what Krishna was trying to convey, but surely enough he loved to play little sweet pranks on his devotees.

I request all other devotees also to post their blessed experience of Krishna's dreams for all of us to enjoy.

Jai Shri Krishna

Krishna saved me from my dream

I had been dreaming for a while one night, when in that dream I suddenly found that I was inside an aeroplane. We were flying quite steadily when all of a sudden the plane dropped a long way very fast. It flew for a bit longer and then dropped again, until the entire aeroplane just felt like it was falling, and everyone was screaming. I was terrified at first, but then something clicked in my mind. I remembered Krishna, so I started to chant the maha mantra with great determination. The plane was still falling when I said to myself, "I have faith in you Krishna!" And as if by magic I started to come round, realising that I was dreaming and that I could escape. It was as if Krishna had personally come to my aid and woken me up! I am very relieved to know that Krishna has entered my subconscious and that even in my dreams I will always be safe if I remember him.

New to Hare Krishna

Can someone tell me how to get involved?
I'm new to this religion and want to learn more and become a Hare Krishna.
Please message me, I would love to find a religion that can help me.


Being Careful

Hello reader.

I want to engage myself with people who follow or believe in Krsna so that I can get to know some new people and also discuss some thoughts I have been having. A lot of these thoughts are actually based around the fact that I believe it is possible that Krsna-followers may not have ALL of the truth with regards to the teachings. One example is the avoidance (the COMPLETE AVOIDANCE, FOREVER) of caffeine. By all means, let's argue in a friendly tone.

the most beautiful and strange dream ever pls explain

hare krishna :) my name is dr apoorva sharma i am just spellbound but need to share this to know the meaning of my dream..i am a krishna devotee and chant his name throughout the day..i love him to the core yesterday when i was going to sleep i chanted his name and said i want to see u krishna..i had a dream in which i was dressed up like an indian bride and my parents came to me telling me that i am getting engaged to a guy who is the son of their friend i knew him and i agreed..i was wearing a lehnga and sat down next to the guy i had many questions in my mind my heart was sinking as the guy sat near me i was thinking that i love krishna how can i marry anybody if he does not allow me to chant krishna's name then what..tears were rolling down my eyes and i stood up went to my father and said i won't marry him i love krishna and started running crying my father shouted my name but i did not stop it was raining heavily and there was thunder and lightning in the sky when i looked up crying and called krishna..the sky was red and muddy i kept chanting his name and i heard the sound of his flute whuch was melodious i ran following the beautiful sound being played by brought me to the terrace of my house i again cried for him i asked him to come suddenly everything turned black there was complete darkness all around and water everywhere due to heavy rain..i became scared when i saw some light coming towards me it was him..krishna came smiling to me he was wearing yellow clothes and was dark in complextion slightly blue in color he was wearing a morpankh mukut and smiled at me saying i have come..i smiled at him and said krisna i love u and i belong to u please marry me he smiled and agreed he married me then and there and he said i am giving u a new name VAISHNAVI now people will know u by this name u should dedicate urself to people love all the livings equally and will always help them u should see me in all the livings and i shall always be there beside u..i will never leave your hand whenever u will call me i will be there u may not see me but will feel me till eternity u are mine and i am urs..saying these words he bade me a goodbye and disappeared slowly in the sky and the light became small and gone inside the big sky..tears were still rolling down my eyes i heard my mother's voice i went down she was on stairs i said maa u should call me vaishnavi from now she said i already know and i will..
i am just speechless since i woke up can anybody tell me the meaning of this dream..each and every word is true pls do not doubt..hare krishna

Sombody Breakout the Malaaaaaa

Krishna has been appearing to me within my meditative mind. A soft skinned dark complexioned kindhearted young Man wearing a turban with a flute and surrounded by peacocks and the devotionally mindseted.

He smiles at me and grants me his graceful vision.

I see him right now just from my meditational stance.

He looks to me with reserve in his glance, how long will it take for me to go to him.

Well I will go to him.

I will chant 16 rounds of Jappa and I will go back to Godhead.

I am missing Krishna I need him.

laughter is good medicine~~

I believe laughter is good medicine to take..
Personally speaking, I'd rather laugh than cry any day..
Childlike joy..where everything is new and different..
The mystery of Life, is not so problematic..
Nor is it meant to be solved..but, yet to be experienced..
The Wheel keeps spinning and it's motion is never detracted
or questioned what it's purpose is..Karma can be altered,
and the cycle of birth, life and death can be changed, I believe..
If given the chance, we have the opportunity..materialistic
goals don't exist in a spiritual realm..mercy, kindness
and connection with God is what we should achieve, while
here on Earth..thepoet80

what I feel when I pray/mantra meditation~~

~~I've had many moments in my Life, that of spiritual awakenings..
at Sanctuary De Chimayo, just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico..
I had a profound experience, and felt the presence of something Holy..
Spiritual and Divine..and when I came back to the city where I live,
I saw how my life really was, sinful and petty..and perverse..
and gradually, I fell back into my old ways..
~~another time, I was homeless and I wandered into a Catholic
Church, during and afternoon service..and I closed my eyes,
and prayed for Jesus Christ to come into my heart..and when I
opened my eyes, the sacred Heart was beating before me..
~~another moment came to pass, when my motorcycle broke
down, in the middle of nowhere..and so I walked away from
my motorcycle, and parked it..I went into a corn field, and
sat down and did a mantra, invoking the holy trinity..with my eyes
closed, looking into the Sun, I envisioned a green sky, shortly thereafter,
3 beings presented themselves to me..smiling to me..somehow,
that brought me peace to my soul, later, my Mother found me..
and a good friend, helped me fix my motorcycle..
~~when I do my Hare Krishna mantras, at work and at home,
I'm still reminded, that I still have a lot to learn, and there's
so much more to life, than just the material/physical world..
Sometimes, when the connection to Krishna is made, I feel
shameful, because I still fall short, of what and where I really
need to be in Life..I feel joy and sadness, joy because of the ecstasy
of Krishna consciousness and sadness, because of my desires
that are unclean..the awareness of those desires, is the first step
to banishing them..and with Krishna's guidance..Hare Krishna..