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Personal Experiences

Dream about krishna

One day recently I saw a very extraordinary dream. I saw that for some reason me and my some friends were trapped in a haunted sort of house . At that time we all were so afraid that we started to pray Hare Krishna mahamantra together. Can any of u tell me what did this dream mean?

Krishna Dream

Hare Krishna...

Last night I saw a dream of Lord Krishna. It was about the old yuga, where there was no source of transportation except Rath. I came to know that Lord Krishna is going to visit at a particular place. Each and every person in the village were excited to know that Lord Krishna is coming and were rushing to the place and started decorating it. Me & my husband also present there and finally Lord Krishna also arrived and started asking one question to every one. Where from u have come? When He asked me, I replied, I came from a near by place, as I was not aware of the locations.

Kindly guide me.... what is the meaning of this dream??

Hare Krishna...