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hare krsna

Hare krsna devotees,


I would be taking up my new assignment in Shanghai, are there devotees in Shanghai. Hare Krsna.


Namaste :)


My name is Adam. I love God and am seeking how to please God. I also look forward to meeting new people. :)

Namaste :-)

I am a wanderer, a student, a person of faith and deep curiosity & wonder about the universe. I am a mother and a teacher, too. I am not religious and will likely never devote myself to rules and dogma. BUT, I understand that I am ignorant and certain rules may beyond my understanding. Still, there is darshan to light the way.

Thanks for those who make this forum possible. I'm looking forward to meeting my new friends. :-)


Hare Krishna :)

Hi friends - I used to be a member of the site but I had to re-register after the site was changed recently.

I live in the Rocky Mountains and have practiced chanting of the Names of Krishna on and off since 1998. My lifestyle is not exactly in line with the regulative principles as I do occasionally eat meat with my family and I am still a drinker of coffee. But I hope it is still ok for me to chant the holy Names and read of the pastimes of Krishna. He seems to meet each of us where we are and I do believe that His names continue to have a positive effect in my life.

Recently I've gotten to know a devotee who was kind enough to send me the KRISHNA book. I used to have this book a long time ago and having it again is like visiting with an old friend. I am really thankful for my friend's generosity.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to other users of this site, and Hare Krishna.

I'm new here...

...and interested in Krishna Consciousness. I am reading some of the books. I live about 2 hours from the nearest temple, and the temple I talked to said there are no devotees that they know of in my immediate area. I recite the maha-mantra as well as repeat it silently and listen to mp3's i've downloaded of it. I am wondering if one who recites the mantra [and/or repeats it silently] will have their consciousness purified to the point that they will be able to live the regulative principles if they aren't currently. I am also wondering if Krishna answers prayers.

Hello from Memphis

I have been saying japa for several years and have always wanted to become more involved with Krishna Consciousness, but have never lived near a temple or other devotees. Are there any devotees in Memphis who would be able to talk with me?

Thanks so much.

Hare Krsna!!!!!

Hello every one my name is Lucas i have been attending temple regularly now for 2 months and spending lots of extra time with devotees and offering service to them like fixing plumbing and mowing at the temple for them. I have been a vegetarian for 3 months now and also chant sixteen rounds on my japas. Through Krsna and association with his devotees i have become a new person and live to please Godhead. At the moment i am reading The teachings of Queen Kunti and cooking from a higher taste. I just wanted to say hello.

Connect with Devotees

Hare Krishna!

I just moved to LA from Hi and I am looking to connect with people who are like minded :) I am a lil further away from temple than I'd like to be (I have no car), so Im reaching out here,hoping to make some connections with wonderful Devotees!
Add me as a friend! lets talk!! =) =)

New Here

Hari Bol!

I have recently discovered this very nice web site. I am familiar with the basic teachings of Krsna Conciousness. I was living in the Los Angeles area of California When Prabhupad first came there around 1967. The first devotees I met were Subal and Krsna devi dasi and anirhudra das at a Love In at Griffith Park in the hills near Hollywood. they were chanting the names of Krsna I joined in.

The first Temple I went to was on Pico avenue. I saw a beautiful picture of Gopal Krsna there and immediately fell in Love. The Jaggantha Deities had just been installed. Prabhupad spoke regularly and I would attend as often as possible.

I chanted Japa daily and it was only my bad Karma ( I guess) which prevented me from following all four of the basic principles so i was never able to become as deeply involved as I would have liked. Nor did I take initiation.

I have begun offering sliced fruit, nuts,yogurt and a Basil leave etc to the Jaganatha Deities a couple times a day. The Deities live in a little wooden box with nice paintings on the outside with a door that slides on and off. I am sure some of you know what I am talking about.

I recently purchased some Japa beads from the store which are very beautiful and I have begun chanting on them in the evening. I was told that Prabhupad once recommended one soak their Japa beads in mustad seed oil. Is this correct?

Anyway I just wanted to say hi and Hare Krsna.

I live in the Nevada City California area.


Beauty Unfolding

Here goes a hello from Rose Ridge, Olive Hill, Kentucky. I really am at a loss for words. There's so much to say, but the words don't fit. Maybe if I share a bit of myself, perhaps someone might be able to understand just where I'm going with this. I am Wazhazhe Lakota/Dakota. Krishna Consciousness is not totally new to me, moreso, Self Realization Fellowship, which was introduced by a college professor several years ago. Through a series of events, and being at the right place at the right time, I find myself being reintroduced. There were visits to the temple in the city where I was visiting. I feel it was a time when a seed finally breaks through the soil and begins to reach for the sun. I am a simple person and see things in a simple way. And so, there comes the questioning. Is this right? Is this where I belong? Is this something I am supposed to learn and apply within my own life, within the teachings of my ancestors? I returned to the temple and asked, "Is this where you want me?" I stood there, feeling the chill of the floor on the bottoms of my feet. A small voice from somewhere told me to sit. But there weren't any chairs or benches. Sitting directly on the floor was an impossible task. My body was ravaged with arthritis after recovering from sepsis. And again there was this feeling and desire that I should sit and pray. I looked around to see where there might be a place to pull myself from off of the floor. I saw none. Finally I gave in and managed to get myself to the floor. YES, I did belong there. I needed to be there. For the first time in ten+ years, there was no pain. And when I was ready to leave, I made it up off of the floor as easy as could be. How does someone who has so little physically show appreciation? And the answer came, "Pray." Praying was not something foreign to me. But there needed to be something else. There came the thought of the mahamantra, speaking it soon became a chant and then became a song. I'm not a singer, but this beautiful song finds its way from my lips. And as well for the first time in a long time, I feel happy. This beautiful song finds its way over my lips in the morning after praying with the canunpa wakan. And then again in the evening while the sun is setting. It's beautiful and it's unfolding right in front of me. Haribol