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What if I'm a guy? How can I have "amorous attachment" for Krishna? That doesn't seem right.


We have to remember, when we read about spiritual relationships, that they're spiritual. In other words, they're not based on the body. Right now, we're so convinced that we are this body that it's nearly impossible for us to understand spiritual relationships at all. We tend to apply our ideas about material relationships to our imagination of what spiritual relationships might be like, and end up in a big misunderstanding.

Whenever Srila Prabhupada discussed Krishna's pastimes with His cowherd girlfriends, the gopis, he would always remind us that they are not like the so-called loving affairs within this material world, and that it's impossible for us to understand such relationships if we're still in the bodily concept of life.

We may now be in male material bodies or female material bodies, but that has little or nothing to do with our eternal spiritual identity. Material bodies are costumes, and we've worn countless millions and trillions of them. We've likely been through every species of life at least once. Whatever material bodily costume we may be wearing at present affects the way we think and what we think we want. Illusioned spirit souls in male bodies generally think they want to enjoy illusioned spirit souls in female bodies and vice versa. But such attachment is itself a product of our illusion. We are not these bodies.

But Krishna is His body. And we are our spiritual bodies. Right now, we don't know who we really are, or what our true, eternal spiritual form is. All that is revealed gradually when we're following the bhakti-yoga process. Our natural service relationship with Krishna also gradually manifests itself. And whatever that is, that's the perfection of our life. It's useless to speculate about it, really, while we're still thinking we're the body. We'll arrive at a wrong idea. We may think we don't want to be blades of grass in the spiritual world, for example, thinking it's a lowly occupation, but the fact is that everyone there is fully Krishna conscious and therefore ecstatic whoever they are, doing whatever they're doing. Those blades of grass, for example, may be experiencing more intense bliss waiting to cushion Krishna's lotus feet than any of us could ever imagine.

During the time of Lord Ramachandra, there were some forest-dwelling sages who saw Him while He was living there during His exile from Ayodhya. These sages were all in male bodies, but they were so attracted to Rama that He gave them the benediction that they would be able to openly exhibit their amorous feelings for Him when He appeared on earth again as Krishna. The sages did not attempt to approach Rama for conjugal union while they were in the bodies of sages, because that would have been improper. But during Krishna's advent, those same spirit souls grew up with Him in the villages around Vrindavan, and had the chance to continue meditating on Him to their hearts' content.

Generally, those who have developed an understanding of their spiritual relationship with Krishna keep it to themselves, while continuing to carry out their normal duties, according to the nature of whatever material body they may be in.