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There is a spiritual world beyond the material world. It is full of dynamic variety, it is our original home, Krishna enjoys there, and everyone there is eternal and absorbed in ever-increasing happiness.

Krishna's teachings can be found in Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam.

Being absolute, Krishna and His creation are in a sense identical. Thus, powerful aspects of the creation are partial displays of His divine energies and opulence and we can see Him everywhere: in water, sun, moon, ocean, chanting, Himalayas, thunderbolt.

Some souls are invested with extraordinary power to manage the universe. They are known as devas or demigods. True lovers of God have acted as His authorized agents in this world. Some descend from the spiritual world, and others are empowered here on earth.

Krishna expands into innumerable forms, each of whom is Krishna Himself. Some of His expansions manage the material world, but Krishna in His original form remains aloof from the affairs of this world, ever enjoying with His associates in His spiritual land.

Krishna has unlimited names such as Govinda, Gopala, Shyamasundara, Yahweh, Allah. God's names are idential with Him and therefore purify us.

Krishna is full of transcendental qualities; devoid of material qualities. He is adorned by especially attractive qualities of full beauty, wealth, fame, influence, knowledge, and renunciation.

Srimad Bhagavatam's importance in understanding God, Krishna.

Human life means higher intelligence and the freedom to elevate our consciousness and leave this material world.

The soul is eternally an individual person, full of knowledge and happiness. The soul is finite, a servant of God and the intrinsic nature of the soul is to serve.