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Reality Check is a series of conversations between Mahatma dasa and Akrura dasa on topics relevant to devotees daily lives.

Although we accept that suffering in this world is inevitable, there’s still cause for hope.

If we don’t achieve full success at the end of this life, then we have to face the fear of death and the afterlife; Where will we go?

Practicing Krishna consciousness doesn't exempt us from the turbulence of the material world, but it can surely help us get through it.

Krishna wants our full surrender, and encourages us to progress gradually to that exalted goal.

How does anyone know if they're a "pure devotee" or not?

Relive the events of this once-in-a-lifetime event that happened right here at's home temple.

A history of how deities of Krishna-Balaram came to be worshiped at the Alachua, Florida USA Hare Krishna temple.

The people may profess different forms of religion. That doesn’t matter. But they must be religious.

because there is no spiritual guidance—no intelligent class—the laborer class will misspend their money and create disturbances.