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Is it possible to have to have satisfying, pure relationships—untainted by desires to possess or control, or the pain of separation?

A spiritual quest from Episcopalianism in Tasmania to desert fathers and Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and finally Krishna consciousness.

What ares some benefits of associating with spiritually-minded persons? It can help you improve your spiritual "game."

"The Lord doesn’t leave His friends. Why should we? Best to be strict with ourselves and patient with others—they’re in Krishna’s all-competent hands. . ."

A few easy-to-apply principles meant to enhance a devotional mentality regarding preparing and eating food in Krishna consciousness.

A mother and teacher relates her life-long appreciation for the many benefits—material and spiritual—of rising early in the morning.

A common question carries uncommon significance in the context of the lives of Krishna's devotees.

Some of the prayers that Krishna devotees routinely recite every day, as part of their standard spiritual practices.

Devotees try to go to bed early. As an old proverb says, “One hour’s sleep before midnight is worth three after.”

If the body is temporary, and spirit is what really matters, does it matter if we take care of our bodies or not?