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Wondering whether or not you can offer a pre-packaged food item to Krishna? Here's a list of ingredients that could be non-vegetarian.

Janmashtami (appearance of Lord Krishna), Rama Navami (appearance of Lord Rama), Gaura Purnima (appearance of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu), and more.

Why the prototype of all material pleasure never quite lives up to its promises of happiness.

Some fortunate Western philosophers' discoveries remind us of natural laws which the Bhagavad-gita had already completely explained.

Does God choose certain individuals or groups for salvation? Are there "chosen people?" Are certain persons similarly selected for condemnation?

Karma: “action," “fate,” or “destiny.” Our actions determine our fate. Simple common sense. If I put my hand in a fire (action), I’m going to get burned (fate).

The senses need engagement. Use them to chase after illusory enjoyment, and we're trapped. Use them to serve Krishna, and we're liberated. Easy enough?

A devotee accepts Krishna as the greatest Friend, and any awkward or difficult situation as Krishna’s kindness—meant to bring about some ultimate good.

Anyone who truly understands karma becomes truly sympathetic and never tires of helping others get free from suffering.

That our present actions determine our future, no one can deny. If a runner doesn’t train or if a student doesn’t study, how can they succeed?