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Sound can change the world. Especially when the sound is from out of this world.

God—in His majestic aspect—is God "at work;" but Krishna is God "at home."

The conception of God and the conception of the Absolute Truth are not on the same level. Here's what this means.

According to religions scholar Huston Smith, there are two kinds of religionists, whom he calls “lumpers” and “choppers.”

Can someone be a person and everything at the same time? It would have to be a special kind of person. It’s a grand claim.

We’re not bodies that “have” souls. We’re souls who have bodies. Souls don’t require bodies to be able to live. Bodies without souls are called “dead.”

Yoga is everywhere—from Mumbai to Moscow to Monte Carlo. Yoga is meant to bring one closer to God, but many of today's yogis have a dif

Why would anyone take seriously a group of people who have arbitrarily chosen to worship one god out of a whole stable of contenders?

The terms "young," "middle-aged," and "old"—only apply to bodies. They don't apply to us as spiritual beings. We're different.

The soul is eternal and can choose to have a spiritual body or material body. If one seeks material happiness he is awarded a material body; if one seeks spiritual happiness one's spiritual body remanifests.