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The soul is eternal and can choose to have a spiritual body or material body. If one seeks material happiness he is awarded a material body; if one seeks spiritual happiness one's spiritual body remanifests.

What we think about affects us. The good news is we can choose what we think about

Are they just a mass of unsystematic mythological texts, accumulated over the last couple thousand years by primitive tribesmen? Or an

The live recordings of As Kindred Spirits performing at the first Yoga Mala in DC.

There's a difference between the concept of "God" and the concept of the Absolute Truth. Here it is:

Traditional devotional song sung by Nagaraja dasa and accompanied by harmonium, mrdanga, karatalas, tamboura, and flute.

An authoritative, comprehensive overview of the phenomenon called reincarnation, or "transmigration of the self" from one body to another, to another . . .

Before visiting Kanai Natashala, Sri Chaitanya played the role of an invincible scholar; after being in Kanai Natashala, He adopted the

Originally published in Back to Godhead Magazine, here is a compressed, distilled version of the Bhagavad-gita—on a single Web page! (some scrolling required).

"Look, Swamiji, it's an order from Macmillan. They're one of the biggest publishers in the world. . ."