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Why are women more self-conscious than men?

by Laxmimoni dasi

It's not always true that women are more self-conscious than men. There are many men who are very concerned about how they appear in front of their peers and to other women; they're pumping weights to get a beautiful body and trying to be handsome and attractive. Also, when they are in front of their friends, they show off and try to be the "coolest!" In general, men or women who think they are the body are "self-conscious."

Women often tend to be shy, but this is good thing not a bad thing. They are not eager to show off in front of others, and when put in a position where that is expected they become uncomfortable. This may appear to be self-conscious, but it is a natural quality of women.

In material society women are often sent messages that their body is what really matters - they can be dumb and not think, but at least they should be sexy or beautiful. This message, often coming from media, creates an unnatural and uncomfortable situation for women. It also puts great fear into them that if they do not remain young and beautiful - which no one does, actually - then they will be rejected and unloved; they're afraid of this and so become self-conscious.

In general one who appears 'self conscious" really doesn't know who the "self" is and thinks they are a body. Therefore, since the body is always getting old and diseased, they're worried about how they will appear. They think their happiness comes from bodily relationships and so are self-conscious about how others will think of them.

Those who are aware that the self is actually a spiritual entity, which is eternal and has a loving relationship with the Lord, are "self" conscious in a good way; they're aware of who they are and who the ultimate Self is: Lord Krishna. When the spiritual self has a loving relationship with the eternal Supreme Self, then that is the perfection of life.