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Why do we have nightmares? They can be so painful. What does it mean if we see Krishna in our dreams?

by Laksmimoni dasi

When we put hellish sights and sounds into our head we experience nightmares. Unfortunately this material world is like a nightmare, and it's only by spiritual life that we can escape from it. The regular happenings of material life, however, such as birth, death, old age and disease, can cause us nightmares, but we suffer even more if we watch and hear heavy material information.

The best thing is to read scripture and chant Hare Krishna. When we do this, we get a clear perspective on what's happening in the material world and it doesn't affect us as much. Therefore we won't get so many nightmares.

Also it is said that sometimes we live out our ideas and fears through dreams and nightmares. Fear or attraction to a circumstance or person, anticipation or dread of an event, may cause us to have a nightmare or dreams. If we take the material world too seriously it can hurt very badly. Similarly, if we take nightmares as reality they can hurt us badly. But if we keep things in perspective it can help. If the nightmares are happening again and again and causing difficulty, it might be beneficial to get professional help to see what's the cause and try to eliminate it.

Sometimes devotees see Krishna in dreams. Certainly, the more we think of Him during our waking hours the more likely it will be that we'll meet Him in our dreams. And if we do, it is very fortunate.